Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hard days work

I have been plugging away in the work shop! I'm a very happy gal hubby bought me my very own 10" sliding chop saw and a brad nail/stapler. I feel so fancy! I have put that saw to the test!

Here is the beauty! KInda surprised he bought it after all his lectures on power tools and the perils of losing a finger!

This project I'm about to show you was a sad brown two drawer thing not sure what it was really supposed to be. I got it at Goodwill for a few bucks. So I decided to add bead board and some trim and of course paint it. Then I added the graphic to the top. I used a water slide decal for the nest pic my newest obsession. You can buy it and print whatever your heart desires on it then voila transfer to whatever you like!

 Why blogger wouldn't let me remove this double pic IDK! When I tried it removed all the pics. I gave up!

Please take notice of the bead board I put on by myself and the trim! Sorry I have never done anything like this before so I had to brag a bit!

The next is another bar stool that I removed from a friend of mines barn that was covered in mud and grime! It was really gross! I painted it and shabbied it then did the printing on the fabric.

So as you can see I have earned a rest for tonight! So I plan on putting my feet up and relaxing! Hope you all get a chance to tonight also!Traci

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm in love!

Well as I said yesterday I'm really into this french thing lately. So today I did this buffet. It was a super cheap find due to missing the doors in front. So I painted it and did the french typography on top. Then added some dark wax over the top, I'm in love with it! If I could I would keep it!! I just wanted to share. What do you think? Traci

I'm sharing this at Katherines corner Thursday bloghop where Susan from Must love Junk is cohosting

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The French Revolution

So you may have noticed everything is Parisian style right now. I like it so I decided to start doing some French items to sale.

This bar stool was a freebie gotta love that! I shabbied it up and added the Eiffel tower graphic on the seat it is so cute pics don't do it justice!

This little cutie I love how it turned out!

It says Paris love NO.5 I can't wait to sell it!

This little shutter shelf I made turned out so sweet!
Well I wanted to share the latest things I had worked on. I wish I had somewhere better to photograph but with it being winter I don't want to drag them in and out of house. I have been thinking of painting a wall out in my workshop so I would at least have a better backdrop. We will see depends on how worn out I get from creating! I will check back in soon as there are some things I need to rephotograph. Take care! Traci

Thursday, January 19, 2012

A few pieces to share

The last few days I have been slaving away in my shop where I create,paint and collage. So thought I would share a few of the items.I really am blessed that I can do what I love and create!

Her is an old window shelf I made.

An old chair made into a shelf and maybe towel rack.
A little french table

A table all shabbied up

I wish I had a beautiful place to stage these pieces but it is winter in Iowa and I'm not dragging them into the house to photograph!
I have been acquiring tools and I must say I'm loving playing with power tools! Hubs shudders at the thought of me using them but good so far! I still have all my fingers! LOL

Monday, January 16, 2012

Getting Busy

I have some exciting news to share! I have decided to start doing shows with a friend of mine. The booth I rent is really taking off so my friend convinced me to try doing shows she does them and does very well at them. She is the one I  wrote about that had the barn bonanza that I so loved!She let me come out on Saturday to go through her barn and grounds and pick stuff for free to work on! She says she has so much she will never get to it all.  So next month we will do a local one in Des Moines. In March we are going to Roundtop,TX. That show is A BIG one we will be there for 10 days! Poor hubby will have to fend for himself!
It will be hard though to work the show and not want to spend everything I make while there!
                                                      This is a collage I made last week and already sold!
Here is one of my necklaces I made recently. Lots of bling!

So this means lots of work I really gotta buckle down! Painting furniture, make some more collages,make more necklaces and come up with some more creative things. Well I will take pictures and try to get better about updating and sharing! Hope you all have a great and productive week! Traci