Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Nest

Well it has been a slow process but, it is coming together! We move some stuff upstairs to our new room. We live in an OLD house it was built in 1895 so it has all the quirkiness of an old house. The stairs are narrow,steep and enclosed. This makes taking anything larger then a clothes basket hard! When hubby said the new windows were in I jumped at that opportunity to move furniture. I mean when else would we have another chance to have the windows out to put furniture through? Which of course I have a large bulky bedroom set!
Windows out!

He agreed and called my oldest son to please come down and help with this adventure! I then proceeded to do my happy dance which may involve clapping and jumping!
I must admit I was a bit nervous about them doing this because I know how heavy that furniture was and to drag it up a ladder seemed a bit precarious!

They started with the dresser

Look at them go!

Next was box spring

Last was mattress!

I think my son had had enough fun at this point! I just asked them to smile geesh! I must add they did this last night after working a full days work! I'm so lucky to have such hard working men in my life!

I wanted to show you the stencil I added around the border of my painted floors.

Here is the blurry pic I snapped last night after I got bed made so we could collapse in it!

A little better this morning. I still have to hang pics and find a small chair or bench for end of bed. All in good time right?



  1. That was amazing! Love your bedroom ... so beautiful!

  2. Loving the stencil on the floor!! Xo, Ashley

  3. Gorgeous I love the color of the furniture!

  4. Nice Job little one. :)

  5. oh my, what a ordeal to get that furniture up there. Looks great and painted floor with the stenciled border is really special. Good job. I could never to that. I have trouble stenciling a box.
    Enjoy your home.
    Audrey Z.
    Timeless Treasures