Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Nest

Well it has been a slow process but, it is coming together! We move some stuff upstairs to our new room. We live in an OLD house it was built in 1895 so it has all the quirkiness of an old house. The stairs are narrow,steep and enclosed. This makes taking anything larger then a clothes basket hard! When hubby said the new windows were in I jumped at that opportunity to move furniture. I mean when else would we have another chance to have the windows out to put furniture through? Which of course I have a large bulky bedroom set!
Windows out!

He agreed and called my oldest son to please come down and help with this adventure! I then proceeded to do my happy dance which may involve clapping and jumping!
I must admit I was a bit nervous about them doing this because I know how heavy that furniture was and to drag it up a ladder seemed a bit precarious!

They started with the dresser

Look at them go!

Next was box spring

Last was mattress!

I think my son had had enough fun at this point! I just asked them to smile geesh! I must add they did this last night after working a full days work! I'm so lucky to have such hard working men in my life!

I wanted to show you the stencil I added around the border of my painted floors.

Here is the blurry pic I snapped last night after I got bed made so we could collapse in it!

A little better this morning. I still have to hang pics and find a small chair or bench for end of bed. All in good time right?


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hutched out!

I just completed yet another hutch. After each one I say not again! So heavy to move around and a lot of work. Yet here I'm doing another?? I love what I do taking something and making it pretty is fun! What is not fun is having this almost OCD behavior where I drive myself crazy for perfection! My son's GF came over this morning to have coffee with me and we went out to the workshop. I had told her the hutch is almost done just need to put the hardware back on I said nonchalantly. HA! I wish that I could of just done that and walked away! No I got out there and I saw a couple spots I didn't like so I dragged out the sander and what should of been a 20 min thing turned into an hour and twenty minutes! She finally told me you need to walk away! You are a perfectionist's! The things I saw as flaws she couldn't even tell what I was talking about. Why do I do this? Drive myself insane? Put every ounce of energy and strength into these projects? I know I'm not the best at what I do. I just want people to love it as much as I do.When it leaves my shop I know that person loved it as much as I did! That is the greatest feeling! Knowing you bring something into someones life that makes them smile when they look at it or use it. That is what drives me.
 Now if I could just master the picture taking! This was a very heavy piece so I lamed out and just drug it to just outside my workshop!

So am I they only one out there who does this? Doubt it! 

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Shabby Hutch Heaven

This is my latest hutch I have done. I think it is Shabby hutch heavenly! I hope you all agree! I bought it at an auction for small sum. It was a boring 60's maple hutch. I then painted it a very creamy almost yellow white. Then shabbied it up and then rubbed stain all over. Voila! It turned into this Shabby Beauty!

I love it! So much I want it in my dining room. Oh did I say that out loud? Alright back to reality I will sell it! That is the business I'm in right?  Have a lovely day! Traci

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Feathering my nest

So the last couple weeks I have been neglecting my work... I have been busy doing things around my nest. After the oldest stepson moved out and hopefully for good. I jumped on his old room! I had visions of an amazing craft room. Although after thinking it over we decided to move our room up there being that room has amazing closet space for a house built in the 1800's! I will get my craft room just not as soon as I hoped but it will go downstairs in our old room.
The room upstairs had not been touched since we moved in a year ago. Let me say it was previously inhabited by a teenage girl. One who loved bright colors!

I almost forgot to take the before pic so there is only a stripe of the purple wall color and when we pulled out the bookshelf we found the blue color under it. The floors were very ugly to say the least! Someone had painted them, then painted the walls and dripped paint everywhere! So my solution was to paint the wood floors a bright clean color. Since I adore painted wood floors!

So that's what I did! Sorry for blurry photo took with my phone. Well the painting is all done as of today!

Here it is the walls are a soft green color and the floor is a creamy color. I love it! Now I get to start on the fun things like decorating and putting doorknobs on. I can't wait to take more pics when all done! As you can see in the photo I went ahead and hung the curtains late last night before the floor was even totally done I get excited! So this morning I was carefully painting around them!

I also painted all three of my exterior doors red. I love them!!

On a different subject I also went and spent some time with my grandma for her 91st birthday, I know I'm lucky to still have her in my life! She was an amazing Gma she says I came into her life in a dark time and I saved her from the darkness. Her brother had committed suicide a few months before I was born. So she has always been very loving and kind to me. She is so darn cute since she has been moved into the home she gets her hair and nails done. She says the other ladies are jealous of her because she has a handsome aide who waits on her hand and foot. I think she loves the attention! LOL She was looking especially pretty on her bday so I took this photo of her. Don't you think she looks amazing for 91? I can only hope I look that good at that age! Well time to get back to work! Have a wonderful week! Traci

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