Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tables seem to find me!

I swear tables seem to find me as if some greater force is matching old tables with me to redo them! LOL This next table was gotten through a charity which will rename nameless because, it seems a shame that some pieces they get if they don't want to mess with them. they throw them out putting a perfectly good old piece of furniture out by the dumpster! You would think they could give it to another charity. Anyway my friend that volunteers there will call me and give me a heads up when something is being tossed out so I can come rescue it.

I mean look at it! It has seen better days but has potential! So I set about working on it originally thinking I would paint the whole thing. As soon as I started sanding the top though I knew I had to refinish the beautiful wood. I know I was shocked by myself to but be something about getting older and appreciating the finer things IDK! I just couldn't paint the top.

So here she is so much prettier! She is ready for someone to love her and cherish her as much as I do.
 Please ignore the dead grass! Everything is dead due to no rain this summer!

I also believe if a piece sits for to long in my workshop and isn't selling I start to question it well maybe it would look better like this or do this to it that will make it sell! That is exactly what happened with the hutch I just did. I decided to add a french graphic to the back wall of it. Halfway through I was thinking WTH were you thinking? Should of left it alone! But no I finished it and I like it. The true test will be if someone else does!

Here's to hoping! I'm off to sleep after a busy day! Traci


  1. Your table makeover looks outstanding...great idea to stain the top!!!


  2. What a wonderful table, You did a fabulous job.

    Pearl 13.1

  3. The legs on that table are stunning! You did a great job!

  4. So...I'm your latest follower and not just because youre fantastic! But because you are the first fellow Iowan blogger I've found!!!

  5. As always, I love what you have done to the table.
    And oh la la! The hutch is even more PERFECT with the script you added to the back.