Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A picking I went

Today was a beautiful day! The weather has cooled a bit to a more tolerable level. So I jumped in the truck and headed out to the country to my dear friend Deb's house to do some picking! I'm never disappointed when I go there. She always has a way of finding amazing things and most of it dropped in her lap. She has been in the business for thirty years so she has connections!

This wonderful table will be painted and redone,

This little cutie is a preview of what I'm working on now.

I love the details on it.

Then there is this cute pink cabinet already this color!

I also got a huge hutch which i will snap a pic of as soon as hubs helps me unload it! Well off to paint! Have a great day!!


  1. Great finds Traci! Can't wait to see the table =) xo, Ashley

  2. Wow--such great things! Have fun.


  3. Hi, Great exciting finds to paint, I bet you will make them all look so beautiful.

    Pearl 13.1

  4. Ohhhh the lil pink closet is adorable!