Saturday, July 28, 2012

Tables seem to find me!

I swear tables seem to find me as if some greater force is matching old tables with me to redo them! LOL This next table was gotten through a charity which will rename nameless because, it seems a shame that some pieces they get if they don't want to mess with them. they throw them out putting a perfectly good old piece of furniture out by the dumpster! You would think they could give it to another charity. Anyway my friend that volunteers there will call me and give me a heads up when something is being tossed out so I can come rescue it.

I mean look at it! It has seen better days but has potential! So I set about working on it originally thinking I would paint the whole thing. As soon as I started sanding the top though I knew I had to refinish the beautiful wood. I know I was shocked by myself to but be something about getting older and appreciating the finer things IDK! I just couldn't paint the top.

So here she is so much prettier! She is ready for someone to love her and cherish her as much as I do.
 Please ignore the dead grass! Everything is dead due to no rain this summer!

I also believe if a piece sits for to long in my workshop and isn't selling I start to question it well maybe it would look better like this or do this to it that will make it sell! That is exactly what happened with the hutch I just did. I decided to add a french graphic to the back wall of it. Halfway through I was thinking WTH were you thinking? Should of left it alone! But no I finished it and I like it. The true test will be if someone else does!

Here's to hoping! I'm off to sleep after a busy day! Traci

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Burlap cuffs and Baseball bracelets

Good Tuesday morning to everyone! It is still blazing hot in Iowa I wanted to take a minute to share with you a small project I have done.
My son's GF made these adorable burlap cuffs for me to sale! I'm stealing this one for me! LOL

I made these myself out of old baseballs! I saw them when I went to Roundtop TX show. They are so fun to wear if you love bling like I do!!! I'm thinking these would be super easy to sell online.....

I also wanted to show you a coffee table Me and my mother-in-law made and sold at my show last weekend. It was something we kinda struggled with because it was the first time we had to do mitered corners but after several attempts and a few bad words we figured it out! We felt so smart! LOL
We used some old barn wood we got and a an old wire chicken cage. We plan on doing a couple more.  i think it would look great on a patio or maybe a sun room. So what do you think?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rescued table

I know I have spoke of my friend Deb before she has an amazing house in the country with a fabulous barn, a few out buildings and a yard filled with treasures. I went out there a while back and I must admit I always get a bit giddy when I head her way because you never know what treasures you will find!
Well when I drug home an old butcher block oak table top that was covered in dirt and bird poop and some awesome old table legs from there I wasn't sure if I could really make it beautiful!
I scrubbed it and sanded it for a couple days! Had hubby help me to construct a solid underneath frame for the legs. So this is what I ended up with.....

I have featued this table at so check out her blog for more great features!
Aren't those legs amazing? I love everything about this table! I must admit I have been dragging my feet to put this up for sale. I think I will take it to a sale I have this weekend just to see what people say about it! Might even find a buyer! LOL
I worked on a few more things this week too.

This little table is so cute! It was a horrible hunter green color!

I got this hutch painted now trying to decide if I should stain over it or just leave it alone? Help? Alright I'm off to bed so hope you all have a nice weekend! Traci

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Robin Egg Blues

This week has just whizzed by! I thought I would take a minute to show you some things I did get done this week. One project I did just for me was to make some drop cloth pillows. They are so cute and economical to make. The drop clothes were on sale for $7.00. I washed them twice and used fabric softener and they turned out softer then I thought. I used fabric paint on them and made the stencil out of card stock. I made the little one by simply ripping a piece and ruffling it. I didn't even hem the edges of ruffle to keep it simple and I like the look of it with unfinished edges.

Please ignore that the ruffle looks crooked. Wow the things you notice in pics! LOL

I sewed them as pillow covers so I could wash as needed.

The other thing I got done was another table and chair set. This is a smaller set that I think would be really adorable in a vintage or cottage style kitchen
 I painted it this robin egg blue. Shabbied it up a lot! Then added the graphic to top and recovered the chairs with my new favorite new fabric drop cloth. I hope to sale it fast before I decide to keep it! Have a super weekend! Traci

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A picking I went

Today was a beautiful day! The weather has cooled a bit to a more tolerable level. So I jumped in the truck and headed out to the country to my dear friend Deb's house to do some picking! I'm never disappointed when I go there. She always has a way of finding amazing things and most of it dropped in her lap. She has been in the business for thirty years so she has connections!

This wonderful table will be painted and redone,

This little cutie is a preview of what I'm working on now.

I love the details on it.

Then there is this cute pink cabinet already this color!

I also got a huge hutch which i will snap a pic of as soon as hubs helps me unload it! Well off to paint! Have a great day!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

fleur d lis table

Here it is almost the Fourth of July! Is it just me or has this year flown by? Do you have fun or exciting plans for the fourth? We are having a BBQ with Mr.SN family at our house. It is only going to be 101 that day. Yikes!

I just finished another table and chair set. This was given to me by a friend for free. It is a HEAVY round table with curvy looking french legs. It didn't have any chairs to it. Luckily a few days later my father in law happened to find 5 chairs sitting on the curb. So I insatntly knew they would look cute with this table. So I set out to transform it. My mom in law helped me with it some too.

We painted it white and shabbied it up then rubbed a dark walnut stain on it. I love the look!

I added the little wood fleur d lis as that spot on the table had a gap so a block of wood and the wood applique and it looks like it was there all along!

We recovered the seats and added the pattern on the seat from a my printer we printed right onto the white fabric. Kinda tied the french thing all in.

Then there is the fifth chair the only one with arms and doesn't really fit around the table but I'm just going to throw it in with the set. I have just listed it so hope it finds a new home soon! It would be nice to free up some work space!

Hope you all have a great and safe Fourth! We will try not to melt! Traci