Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Little cutie pie

First off I must admit this little cutie pie had me from the first time I laid eyes on it! I stopped at an average yard sale kinda disappointed I had even stopped when I noticed this little cutie was being used as the check out station.

I asked with trepidation is the desk for sale? The young woman said yes it is but, I want $25. I played it calm and said sold! It was in sad shape need some love and care. So after I did some much needed repairs I painted it and I must say it looks so darn cute now!

I tried to create a photo shoot to make it look more appealing. I realize now I should of took some more time to set this up but I was in a hurry had to meet a friend so this last minute photo background was probably not  my best effort. I think it looks better then the plywood walls. Please don't judge. LOL Well off to get ready for bed exhausted after a full day of junking  which I did get a wonderful dresser and an unusual little side table. Have a good one! Traci


  1. Wow I love that piece. Would be a great little desk. Keep up the good work.

  2. Wow, it is adorable!! Good eye to see what no one else did! I am going to scroll through to see if I can find the suitcase you made into a table, I love to see other peoples projects


  3. Lovely piece its so girly and you're right great price!

  4. Hi ~ Your furniture is darling and cute~~ I so enjoy to paint furniture too ~ Especially shabby chic style

    Pearl 13.1