Sunday, May 27, 2012

Curves are a good thing

This weekend I finished those curvy french looking chairs with the matching table.I picked this up at Goodwill. I saw it on a Thursday went home debated about it then Friday morning went back hoping it would still be there!Luckily it was! I think this has been my most favorite project maybe because I did it the way I would love to have it. If I could keep it! Of course I have a beautiful table and chair set.(which Mr. SN bought me a couple Christmas's ago and I think he would have a heart attack if I got rid of it!) So this set has to find a new home.

I just love everything about it. The curviness of the legs ,the details to the edges, and even the size of it. It extends to 94" long! Would make a great entertaining table.

 Wouldn't you just love to sit here a spell? I didn't want to put it back in the shop!
I recovered seats in a muslin fabric
So what do you all think?

Have a safe and fun long weekend!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yesterday I worked all day in the shop painting a hutch. I wasn't sure where I was going with it. Ever have those projects your just not sure how you really envision it? That is how I felt about this hutch. I started with a robin egg blue then I thought it looked to dull all one color.( Just me) so I did some white over it then stained it all and shabbied it up like crazy! I stood back after I was done wondering if I loved it... Hubby came home and said he really liked it. He don't say much so I figured I'd leave it alone. It has grown on me. I just wonder if I'm the only one that gets this neurotic over my work??

The pics don't reflect the true color hard with fluorescent lighting to get a great pic.

Remember I stressed over that angel wing cabinet? Well the lady that bought adored it all shabby. She also said she looked at it on my blog and agreed the pics didn't do it justice. So I guess I need to figure out how to use my camera to it's fullest extent! That would mean reading the directions something I'm to impatient to do!
Happy to say the cutie pie desk has found a new home and I will be delivering it today. Well hope you all heave a lovely week! Traci

p.s Here is a sneak preview of my latest project and there might be a really cute table that goes with that group of chairs!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Little cutie pie

First off I must admit this little cutie pie had me from the first time I laid eyes on it! I stopped at an average yard sale kinda disappointed I had even stopped when I noticed this little cutie was being used as the check out station.

I asked with trepidation is the desk for sale? The young woman said yes it is but, I want $25. I played it calm and said sold! It was in sad shape need some love and care. So after I did some much needed repairs I painted it and I must say it looks so darn cute now!

I tried to create a photo shoot to make it look more appealing. I realize now I should of took some more time to set this up but I was in a hurry had to meet a friend so this last minute photo background was probably not  my best effort. I think it looks better then the plywood walls. Please don't judge. LOL Well off to get ready for bed exhausted after a full day of junking  which I did get a wonderful dresser and an unusual little side table. Have a good one! Traci

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back on the creative roll

Well, even though I wanted to be a bum and do nothing for awhile longer I have been forced to return to creating. Not that it's a bad thing. I finally cleaned out and organized my workspace. It feels so much better knowing where things are and not tripping over things I have drug home anymore! So I guess getting that all done has pushed back into the creative mode.

I redid a vanity painted and decoupaged fabric onto the drawer fronts.

I painted an ironing board and did the french typography on it. I like doing these they are fun!

I painted an old gate and put more french graphics on it. I think I may have an addiction to this french typography thing!

I have the cutest desk I got at a garage sale that I just painted today.Here is the before but, I will reveal the finished product later. Sorry about the blurry pic!
This pic was also before the big clean-up so ignore messiness in back

I also found time to do a project for my front door.
I was out curb shopping when I drove past a house with a similar one and went out and got everything to create my own front door umbrella! I get a lot of compliments on it. Please ignore the ugly front door which I hope to be paining another color besides the ever popular hunter green of 1990.
Speaking of curb finds here are a few things I found.

I couldn't remove the second pic of dresser without it erasing almost all my post. What is up with that? Well I will be checking back in to show you some more of  what I do to these curb finds! Hope you are all having a great week! Traci