Thursday, April 5, 2012

Guess Who shopped our booth?!

Okay, gals you will never guess who shopped in our booth today! Miranda Lambert! She walked in and spotted a shabby white mirror she kinda insulted my friend with her low ball offer on it. We finally agreed on a price. Then after she left I told Deb I think that is Miranda Lambert. She said she didn't know who that was! Her mother inlaw was still in our booth so we told her she looks like Miranda Lambert. She replied "oh she gets that a lot!" Well I knew it was her so I went after her casually and followed her for a bit. Then finally approached her as she was stuffing a large piece into the back of her Excursion. I said "Are you Miranda?" She replied "Yes mam I'am! " So I asked nicely if I could take her pic and she obliged. I was so hot and sweaty so I was embarassed to get anywhere near her. LOL

Here is the really cool part our friends in a booth down from us were selling mannequin parts and she was buying them and they told her they would cut her a deal if she signed a few so she did and I got one for my hubs who loves her! It was so fun! Traci


  1. How fun! You did a great job recognizing her!


  2. Awesome little one

  3. Hey - how lucky! I don't think I would have recognized her though I love her and have seen her a lot.

    Loving your blog - am your newest follower. Hopefully you will visit me as well and follow.


    PS - I loved that song called "Gotta Have You" by the Weepies. I had never heard of them before! Going on itunes now!