Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Working towards Texas

I feel a bit overwhelmed trying to get ready for the show at Roundtop! This is a huge sale ten days! We will probably sell out after two! I have no idea what to expect or how we will pull this off. I just it will be fun and an experience to remember! I have a few things ready but headed to Deb's wonderful barn full of treasures just waiting to be made beautiful. So hopefully I will be bringing home a truckload!

This unusual old lamp still needs some crystals added to it. We are planning on setting up a very shabby bedroom so I think it will look good with that!

I thought these old pics were cute and would make great Easter signs

Old ironing board would be cute propped in a corner or used as a table.

So a picking I go! Wish me luck! Traci


  1. Good luck and I'm sure you will have tons of fun! Xo ~Ashley

  2. 10 days!! Good luck and be sure to tell us how it all went and get tons of pictures!