Monday, March 19, 2012

Are paint fumes really that bad for you?

When my kids were still at home they always said I was addicted to paint fumes, Maybe I'am and that is why I constantly paint! No I think it is because I love the thrill finding something an making it beautiful, Nothing better then that! I have been working everyday for the last week and a half, I get tired but I know it will be worth it when the perfect buyer finds one of my pieces and can't live without it, That is what makes it worth it!
I just wanted to pop in and say hi! Hope you are all well!
Oh I wanted to tell you I broke down and bought some chalk paint! I do love it it as good as everyone raves. It is mighty expensive though! At $41.00 a quart I hope to get a lot of projects out of it! I will get back to you on that one!
Here are some pics of a few things I have got done.

This is my first gardening bench I have made. I plan on adding hooks to he side for tools to hang,

I love this idea for an old lamp! So the pic below is going to become that!

Future plant holder!

I love the curvy legs on this little piece! I added the nest definition on the top,

Well I guess that is it for now! Have a good one! Traci


  1. Visiting from Debbie Doos! Your projects are amazingly creative! I love all the inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing :)


  2. I like the table too. Good work little one. :)

  3. I see you joined my newbie party but I do not see my button or link. Please add that. I love painting and thrill of the gratification afterwords too.

  4. Love the table! I like the shade of paint that you used and the stenciled nest on the top. Visiting from Debbie Doo's.