Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To shabby or not?

I did a cabinet today and I need help! Should I leave it the way it is or fill the angel wings with all white?? Help?

So give it to me straight! I can take it! Taking to TX so need to know. Thanks Traci

Monday, March 19, 2012

Are paint fumes really that bad for you?

When my kids were still at home they always said I was addicted to paint fumes, Maybe I'am and that is why I constantly paint! No I think it is because I love the thrill finding something an making it beautiful, Nothing better then that! I have been working everyday for the last week and a half, I get tired but I know it will be worth it when the perfect buyer finds one of my pieces and can't live without it, That is what makes it worth it!
I just wanted to pop in and say hi! Hope you are all well!
Oh I wanted to tell you I broke down and bought some chalk paint! I do love it it as good as everyone raves. It is mighty expensive though! At $41.00 a quart I hope to get a lot of projects out of it! I will get back to you on that one!
Here are some pics of a few things I have got done.

This is my first gardening bench I have made. I plan on adding hooks to he side for tools to hang,

I love this idea for an old lamp! So the pic below is going to become that!

Future plant holder!

I love the curvy legs on this little piece! I added the nest definition on the top,

Well I guess that is it for now! Have a good one! Traci

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Working towards Texas

I feel a bit overwhelmed trying to get ready for the show at Roundtop! This is a huge sale ten days! We will probably sell out after two! I have no idea what to expect or how we will pull this off. I just it will be fun and an experience to remember! I have a few things ready but headed to Deb's wonderful barn full of treasures just waiting to be made beautiful. So hopefully I will be bringing home a truckload!

This unusual old lamp still needs some crystals added to it. We are planning on setting up a very shabby bedroom so I think it will look good with that!

I thought these old pics were cute and would make great Easter signs

Old ironing board would be cute propped in a corner or used as a table.

So a picking I go! Wish me luck! Traci

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Latest Show

Well My friend Deb and i just finished another local show here this weekend. It is called Urban Finds. It was so fun and a bit different then the usual shows we do. They started it on Friday night they had wine out for customers to sip while they shopped. Which I think may have helped with sales!I locked my keys in my car on Friday night and my camera was in there so I didn't get pics of some the cool new things I did because they sold before I got my keys out!   LOL So here is what I did capture.

This little suitcase was a fun piece to do.
These angel wings are one new thing I'm doing. These are collaged the other pair was chippy and painted. Didn't get a pic in time sorry.

This little beauty I didn't want to take! It sold almost instantly!

So there you have it. We met so many great people! This is what I love about this business is the people you meet!Now I only have two weeks before we head to Roundtop TX! Soo excited to do the big show there! Traci

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Wedding Pictures

This last Friday night my baby boy got married! It was bittersweet. I'm happy he has found someone who truly loves him and will care for him as much as he does her.
I cried a bit it was memories flooding me. How fast it all went. Seems like yesterday he was a happy go lucky kid. Always with a smile and a sweet thing to say that made my day.
So here are some pics to share with you all. These are pics I took. I was kinda mad at my camera that day because some of the pics were so blurry, I think I have figured it all out now though! After the important day of course!

Bride getting beautified

She looked so petty when done! Her sister did our hair.

This is her mom,sis and me. I felt very pale next to theses tan people!
These are my two boys the one on the left is my oldest. He decided to shave his head one week before the wedding, Her mom and her were not pleased! He had nice blonde hair it was his thing! Oh well it could always be worse! No My youngest son doesn't wear those glasses really. They were my oldest son's gf 's and he thought it was funny. I did too!

I thought my hair looked fabulous!

The cake was so cute I thought!

The happy couple.

Her and her nieces sooo cute!

Just a quiet moment before the ceremony.

The classic tugging of the groom into the church!

Here is all us ladies. Doesn't her grandma look like Betty White? She is so funny too!

I love this shot!

MR.SN and me. Sad thing is I don't think I got any pics of my dress full on.

They smeared each other good!

So there you have it their beautiful day. It went wonderfully! They are off to Cancun where they want to do a ceremony on the beach too. So jealous I'm not going! Her parents are and her sister. It was just such short notice for me because the original date was in June but they moved it up. So notenough time for me to plan it in. I think she got anxious! No, no rand babies yet!! LOL 
I just wish them a lifetime of happiness and joy! Traci

Bag Lady

I did some bags this week that I shamelessly stole from The Polka Dot Closet! If you haven't checked out her page it is a must! She is so creative and has so many ideas! So if you get a chance check out Carols blog!

Anyway these bags are so easy and cute! You buy them at Walmart they come three to a pack for $5.99. Then decorated them up! So check them out.

You night be asking yourself there should be six bags? Well I may have stolen one for myself......

This has been a busy weekend! My son got married on Friday night. It was a beautiful wedding! They seem so happy to be young and in love! I promise to post pics later tonight when I have more time! Have a great day! Traci