Monday, February 13, 2012

Two weeks to show and counting

The countdown is beginning only two weeks to show. On Friday my hubby was nice enough to help me make some more projects.

I got the sewing machine all done painted it a soft blue and then stained over it.

Got this beauty at GW and painted it up I want to keep it but know it is part of the business! If I kept everything I wanted I would look like an episode of Hoarders! So I have to be selective or trade it out.

We made this of course from an old bed frame. I love the shabbiness of it but still have to paint the seat and try to get it to match up some. Do you all think that or should I repaint the whole thing?
We also made two hall trees out of old doors really rough right now need to get a coat of paint then will show you!
On another note went to the bridal shower for my son's fiance yesterday , my soon to be new daughter-in-law and had a great time! She loved the collage! I was happy.
Well off to work what are your big plans for the day? Traci


  1. Awesome little one.

  2. Everything looks great, Traci. I especially love that sewing table. I am so glad that your son's fiance loved the collage...I knew she would!

  3. Hi Traci!
    Love your finished sewing machine and bench. The last bench is so cute and I wouldn't paint the whole thing. I would go a little darker on the seat and shabby it up, then lightly dry brush the unpainted parts.