Friday, February 17, 2012

More goodies for the show

Thank goodness it is Friday! I need a mini vacation even for a day or two. I took stock today of everything I have for the show and I must say I feel a bit relieved I think I have just about enough! I will make a few small things this coming week. I'm sure you are probably all getting sick of me talking about this! I promise not much longer!
This is a definition of love window.
Here is a project I have wanted to do for quite awhile. You should see the old windows I have stockpiled! So I finally got around to it! I guess it helps that hubby and father-in-law are contractors and save them for me.

We made this hall tree out of an old door and two old boards for a bed frame. Actually the bed rails to the bench head and foot board. I had the old mirror and was dying to use it on something. I'm going to hang a wire basket under the mirror the paint on it just wasn't dry yet.

This cute little water decal sticker was applied to the window below. I think it turned out pretty cute!

So that does it for today's labors! What do you all have going for the weekend? Hopefully something fun and exciting! Traci


  1. All of those ideas for windows are very cool! You have been working so hard.

  2. I love love all your sweet treasures...your windows are amazing..wish I lived close by. xoxo Hugs

  3. Fabulous! I don't think I will ever have enough stuff for the show I have coming up! I love your windows!! You said some of your suitcases got sticky, no that has never happened, shoot, I wonder if it was the material the suitcases were made out of, that is how the rubber handles get, all sticky because they are rubber? Can't wait to hear how your show goes!


  4. Love the window table, wish I could come and get it. It would match a living room cabinet I have. Good luck with the show. I hope it is a huge success for you. You have always deserved the best.