Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coming up for air

Man I feel like I have been living in my shop lately. I need to come up for air! I hurt in places I didn't know I could! So Here I'am to show you some more projects. I discovered a flea market I adore! Stuff super cheap! There was a gorgeous buffet you would of died if you had seen it! Only $45.00 and of course someone 15 minutes before me had snatched it up for a photo shoot for a magazine! I about cried! Oh, well win some lose some! I did get some cute stuff though . I got an amazing bedroom set with a dresser,two twin beds and nightstand that is very detailed and I promise to put pics up as soon as I can. I got an old sewing machine cabinet, a coffee table ,and two end tables. So I did pretty good!

Here is the coffee table I redid already. Got it for ten bucks!

Here is the sewing table I got with a coat of primer will reveal it tomorrow. It is looking cute! It says New Home on the front of it. Hopefully it will find a new home soon!

Here is an old platter I sprayed then added my latest love water decal paper. (I may have mentioned this before, you can print whatever you want on it then transfer.)

Here is a banner I plan on putting at my booth. Got the graphic from Graphic Fairy my other latest obsession.
Well as I sit here typing this I have color on my hair and I'm sure time was up 15 minutes ago. So gotta go! Have a good one! Traci


  1. Hi Traci,
    Love your coffee table, the color is great. I'm anxious to see how the sewing machine turns out. I haven't tried the water decals and I think it's time that I do.


  2. What great finds! And how fun to find a new place to SHOP!! :)


  3. You got some great finds, Traci. I love the Graphics Fairy. That is my go to website when I need a beautiful graphic! I'm anxious to see that sewing table. It looks cute even with just a coat of primer!