Saturday, February 25, 2012

The booth at the craft show

Well here is our booth! I think we did a great job of combining our stuff. I did the show with my friend and very talented gal Deb who runs a business calle Rubbish to Rubies. She does the metal work and furniture to.

The blue dresser with tin patches is so cute! Another of Deb's creations! You can check her out on Facebook! She doesn't have a blog yet but I'm working on her! She is to talented to keep it to herself!

Love this sign she made! I might have o buy it if it don't sell!

I adore the red lamp I did. Had a lady who asked if it used to be a brass lamp and I said yes, she wanted to kick herself because she had just thrown one away. She couldn't believe it turned out so good with spray paint. See never throw away repurpose!

 Well I gotta run off to the show! Have a great day! Traci


  1. Traci, everything looks wonderful! I especially love that red lamp!

  2. Oh, I love it all!! I am working so hard to do my first show the end of April, but every time I get something done I have to bring it into my booth to replace something...Yikkes, I have to get going. It is so fun to see your pictures. I would love to know what your best sellers were


    1. I hear you Carol! It seemed for awhile ther I always had to take something up to my booth too! You will get it done!

  3. Hi I really enjoyed reading your profile , I can relate to it to I'm new in town and I am most definitely the drive by dumpster girl...Too funny , great blog I will follow you .I invite you to check out my new blog as well...Blessings Lori

  4. Botth looks great little one. Hope it all went well for you. Love all the goodies you have there. :)

  5. Looks like fun! Goodies, goodies yea!