Saturday, February 25, 2012

The booth at the craft show

Well here is our booth! I think we did a great job of combining our stuff. I did the show with my friend and very talented gal Deb who runs a business calle Rubbish to Rubies. She does the metal work and furniture to.

The blue dresser with tin patches is so cute! Another of Deb's creations! You can check her out on Facebook! She doesn't have a blog yet but I'm working on her! She is to talented to keep it to herself!

Love this sign she made! I might have o buy it if it don't sell!

I adore the red lamp I did. Had a lady who asked if it used to be a brass lamp and I said yes, she wanted to kick herself because she had just thrown one away. She couldn't believe it turned out so good with spray paint. See never throw away repurpose!

 Well I gotta run off to the show! Have a great day! Traci

Friday, February 24, 2012

Show Time!

Today is show day! I'm prettyexcited! I know by tonight I will be dragging! I was up til 1:30 making pillows that I go a wild hair about at 10:00 last night. That's how I work manicly! I'm nervous because it is like your babies or your art and sharing with other people. Here is a peek of the pillows.

Isn't she the cutest!

This is sweet!

OOhh lala! LOL

If you can't tell I'm a bit giddy from lack of sleep! Well Ladies I would love to stay and blog more but gotta run! Hope you have a lovely day! Wish me luck! Traci

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's my birthday!

Today is my birthday. I wish I could say I was gonna have a fun filled day but the show must go on! I don't really feel any older. Well other then an extra ache or two that I didn't have last year! LOL Hope you all have a great day! The show is Friday so just have a few small things to finish up. Traci

Friday, February 17, 2012

More goodies for the show

Thank goodness it is Friday! I need a mini vacation even for a day or two. I took stock today of everything I have for the show and I must say I feel a bit relieved I think I have just about enough! I will make a few small things this coming week. I'm sure you are probably all getting sick of me talking about this! I promise not much longer!
This is a definition of love window.
Here is a project I have wanted to do for quite awhile. You should see the old windows I have stockpiled! So I finally got around to it! I guess it helps that hubby and father-in-law are contractors and save them for me.

We made this hall tree out of an old door and two old boards for a bed frame. Actually the bed rails to the bench head and foot board. I had the old mirror and was dying to use it on something. I'm going to hang a wire basket under the mirror the paint on it just wasn't dry yet.

This cute little water decal sticker was applied to the window below. I think it turned out pretty cute!

So that does it for today's labors! What do you all have going for the weekend? Hopefully something fun and exciting! Traci

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

On a roll

I feel like I'm maybe getting somewhere. Where that is I can't say. Ever have those days? You are working on things at a good pace yet it feels like your not getting there as fast as you hoped. I can only do what I can!

This is a hall tree hubs and I built. Not loving the cushion but I figure if they don't love it they can recover or do what they want. Sewing isn't my forte'.

Here is the bench all finished. I think I did an ok job blending the seat in with the back and sides.
So my friends this is what I did today. Hopefully I will get some more energy tomorrow! Only nine days left til first show. Traci

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Why is it we seem to love Valentine's Day? I think if you are a dreamer like me it makes you hopeful. Being the romantic that I'am I love the hopefulness that this day brings. Not that I expect anything lavish but just the thoughtfulness of a card or some candy is always nice too. Wether you are married,dating or single, My hope for you is you get some kind of love today! No matter how grand or small it may be. Do you have any special plans? Have a great day! Traci

Monday, February 13, 2012

Two weeks to show and counting

The countdown is beginning only two weeks to show. On Friday my hubby was nice enough to help me make some more projects.

I got the sewing machine all done painted it a soft blue and then stained over it.

Got this beauty at GW and painted it up I want to keep it but know it is part of the business! If I kept everything I wanted I would look like an episode of Hoarders! So I have to be selective or trade it out.

We made this of course from an old bed frame. I love the shabbiness of it but still have to paint the seat and try to get it to match up some. Do you all think that or should I repaint the whole thing?
We also made two hall trees out of old doors really rough right now need to get a coat of paint then will show you!
On another note went to the bridal shower for my son's fiance yesterday , my soon to be new daughter-in-law and had a great time! She loved the collage! I was happy.
Well off to work what are your big plans for the day? Traci

Friday, February 10, 2012

Wedding coming up

My youngest son is getting married next month. I can hardly believe he is old enough to think about such grown up things! I have to go to the bridal shower this Sunday so I decided to make something to give his bride along with something store bought. I used her wedding colors and came up with this collage. I hope she likes it! What do you all think? Traci

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Coming up for air

Man I feel like I have been living in my shop lately. I need to come up for air! I hurt in places I didn't know I could! So Here I'am to show you some more projects. I discovered a flea market I adore! Stuff super cheap! There was a gorgeous buffet you would of died if you had seen it! Only $45.00 and of course someone 15 minutes before me had snatched it up for a photo shoot for a magazine! I about cried! Oh, well win some lose some! I did get some cute stuff though . I got an amazing bedroom set with a dresser,two twin beds and nightstand that is very detailed and I promise to put pics up as soon as I can. I got an old sewing machine cabinet, a coffee table ,and two end tables. So I did pretty good!

Here is the coffee table I redid already. Got it for ten bucks!

Here is the sewing table I got with a coat of primer will reveal it tomorrow. It is looking cute! It says New Home on the front of it. Hopefully it will find a new home soon!

Here is an old platter I sprayed then added my latest love water decal paper. (I may have mentioned this before, you can print whatever you want on it then transfer.)

Here is a banner I plan on putting at my booth. Got the graphic from Graphic Fairy my other latest obsession.
Well as I sit here typing this I have color on my hair and I'm sure time was up 15 minutes ago. So gotta go! Have a good one! Traci

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow day

Well it definitely did snow here in the great Midwest! We have had a very mild winter so far so when winter came it came full blast!

My poor bush!

Our shed

Poor Sam Burton appeased me!

My attempt at throwing a snow ball at hubby

It was nice to be able to stay home and just watch the snowfall. I sipped cocoa and watched a couple movies on netflix. I do not mind snow if I can be at home safe and warm! How did you spend your day? Traci