Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hard days work

I have been plugging away in the work shop! I'm a very happy gal hubby bought me my very own 10" sliding chop saw and a brad nail/stapler. I feel so fancy! I have put that saw to the test!

Here is the beauty! KInda surprised he bought it after all his lectures on power tools and the perils of losing a finger!

This project I'm about to show you was a sad brown two drawer thing not sure what it was really supposed to be. I got it at Goodwill for a few bucks. So I decided to add bead board and some trim and of course paint it. Then I added the graphic to the top. I used a water slide decal for the nest pic my newest obsession. You can buy it and print whatever your heart desires on it then voila transfer to whatever you like!

 Why blogger wouldn't let me remove this double pic IDK! When I tried it removed all the pics. I gave up!

Please take notice of the bead board I put on by myself and the trim! Sorry I have never done anything like this before so I had to brag a bit!

The next is another bar stool that I removed from a friend of mines barn that was covered in mud and grime! It was really gross! I painted it and shabbied it then did the printing on the fabric.

So as you can see I have earned a rest for tonight! So I plan on putting my feet up and relaxing! Hope you all get a chance to tonight also!Traci


  1. It turned out amazing, the chest of drawers and the chair! I love the images you put on them. How fun to have new fun toys to play with :)


  2. wow Traci ...you are on a roll! All your pieces look great...good job with the bead board!
    Pretty cool husband to give you that saw!
    Be careful!
    I love your lettering!

  3. Oh, this is fabulous!!! All my blabbing about decals and you are the first one to have used them...We love them!!! It is totally addictive, I am afraid people are going to get sick of seeing decals. I strolled through your blog and you have wonderful ideas. I have a blog friend Debbiedoo (That is her blog name) She has Newbie Mondays where new bloggers link up. You will get tons of exposure and new followers. I think you will be a hit! I'm your newest follower


  4. oooohhhhhh, I want a saw!!!!! I have been hinting, well going on years!!!! I am going to have to go get my own!!! love the chair!

  5. I am certainly impressed, Traci. Great job! I would love to have my own saw, and know how to use it without being scared to death of it. I am your latest follower. I will proudly follow any gal that owns their own saw :)

  6. Traci, I am so impressed that you use power tools. They scare me! You've created some great projects too!

  7. Really impressed that you use power tools, myself I'm afraid I would cut off a finger.LOL Everything looks wonderful!

  8. You are sooo good at the furniture redo!!!

  9. I am totally impress Traci. Both pieces turned out awesome. Now you've made me curious about the water slide decals. Have to do some research now :-) Have a wonderful and restful weekend.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  10. These look great. One always feels goos to accomplish
    things like these.


  11. I really like both of them they turned out great. My hubby won't let me use the power saws he doesn't trust me and I think he is probably right. lol thanks for sharing.