Thursday, January 19, 2012

A few pieces to share

The last few days I have been slaving away in my shop where I create,paint and collage. So thought I would share a few of the items.I really am blessed that I can do what I love and create!

Her is an old window shelf I made.

An old chair made into a shelf and maybe towel rack.
A little french table

A table all shabbied up

I wish I had a beautiful place to stage these pieces but it is winter in Iowa and I'm not dragging them into the house to photograph!
I have been acquiring tools and I must say I'm loving playing with power tools! Hubs shudders at the thought of me using them but good so far! I still have all my fingers! LOL


  1. Nice pieces! Looks like things at the shop are going great good for you!

  2. These looks great. Super job.
    Thanks for coming by Dreaming--come again soon.


  3. A temporary solution might be to hang fabric with thumb tacks or even a drapery rod high on the wall for your photo shoots. Easy to remove! I love what you are doing and I especially love your shed!