Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy Holidays

Hope you all have a wondeful Holiday! Come visit me at my new web site,  Happy New Year too! Traci

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Time to move on

I have posted this before but want to let you all know I have moved to wordpress. I was having issues with blogspot so decided to move my blog. I hope you will pop over and see me Shabbygalsnest. Hope everyone is enjoying this special time of year! Traci

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I have moved

After much thought I have decided to move ny blog to wordpress. I hope you all will follow me there! See you there!Shabbygalsnest

Monday, November 19, 2012

Junk Jubilee Jingle

Sorry I have been out of the loop for so long! I had a show this past weekend called Junk Jubilee Jingle it is a big deal for us here in Iowa. So I have been putting in some long hours and long nights for it! It was all so worth it though! I had an awesome time. I love meeting creative people and seeing what they bring to life. I had so much great feedback and compliments it makes it all worth it! I don't love doing shows but I have decided to just do some of the big ones and limit the amount I do so I don't kill myself off. I really respect those who do all the shows they can. It is a lot of work and time.

The dresser I got the idea from a talented blogger on her blog blissranch. It was bought by a photographer she loved it!

The table we made from a trash receptacle holder made from rebarb. We put old barn wood on the top and I did the typography on the top inspired from a feed sack. 

 I did a few of these wreaths finally! I had seen them everywhere and finally took the time. If you attempt one I would suggest a low temp glue gun! My poor fingers were burnt so bad not sure I have fingerprints left!
The fireplace mantle was thanks to the help of hubby. I had to tell him how talented he was and cheer him on but it got done. I couldn't do it without him!

Believe it or not my hubs put the letters to spell men and some lady thought it was hilarious and had to have it to put over her hubs man cave. Once again thanks hubby!

 The chicken coop coffee table was a hit everyone loved it and it went home with someone who couldn't stop coming by to look at it. Glad it went to a good home to be loved! Sometimes I feel like you put a lot of time and effort into these projects and want them to go to good homes where they will be loved. 
The lovely armoire was the first thing to sell.
Now that it is all done I feel happy and relieved to have a little breather. Now I have a few free days to get ready for the holidays. Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones and friends. Bring on the turkey! Traci

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fly High

I had a friend recently call me. Her mom had passed away and she was trying to get rid of stuff as her mom was a hoarder and I mean a real one! She had stuff everywhere you had to move things to get around the room. The day I went to check out some pieces she thought I might be interested in they were in the process of moving a metal cabinet that I have no idea where it was kept it was so large they had to take doors off and move out the washer and dryer to get it out! In the process of that they found a cat hiding behind the washer, They had already found five other cats that had to be taken to the vet, So you can imagine the smell in the house! I felt so bad for her to have to deal with this.
I did get a piece of furniture from her that I love! It was an armoire that she didn't even know her mom had gotten. I just loved the shape and curves on it. It had a lot of potential! Of course I had to figure out how to get that smell out of it!

After a thorough cleaning I primered, painted shabbied and decided to write on the doors a phrase I recently saw and thought it was very moving.
 It is kinda what I feel like right now with my business. I have done things I never thought I could. Pushed myself beyond limits I didn't think I could, I had to step outside my comfy zone and sometimes worry is this the right thing for me?? 

 Through it all I have grown in ways I never anticipated, So I hope you can do this too! What is holding you back? Get out there and live your dream!

Until you spread your wings you will have no idea how far you can fly!   Traci

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Blue and cream Hutch

I can hardly believe it is Thursday this week. Seems time just flies by whether your having fun or not! I got a lot of projects done this week but I'm only sharing one. We have a big show coming up in a few weeks and I kinda want to keep things under wraps!
Last weekend Hubs and I got away to celebrate our second anniversary. We went to Galena and stayed in a fabulous B&B. It is called Ryan's mansion. Very nice and they served amazing delicious breakfasts!

As usual I wait til no one is around to snap our pic so the lovely arm stretch pic!

This mansion  was amazing with beautiful rooms! I truly did not want to come home after this stay! A girl can get used to this kind of treatment!

Well needless to say I did come home. I got this hutch done and ready for a new home!!

As you can see it was a boring 60's blonde hutch! Which I painted and shabbied into this!

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I'm being featured!

You have to check out this webpage if you haven't already! The  author of this awesome page Beckie emailed me and requested to feature the last dresser I posted on my blog on her website called Roadkill Rescue. I'm very excited about it! So if you haven't checked this page out please do so now! It is an awesome site with lots of Roadkill Rescues and cool ideas!  Hope everyone has a great week!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Upcycling is the new hip word for getting junk and findinga new use for it.I happen to know that because I'm sooo hip and cool! This spring my mom in law and I jumped in the truck and went off to find treasures on the curb at the annual spring clean up.We passed this piece once and I about broke my neck trying to get a better view! We turned around and proceeded to load  into truck as the homowner came out with more junk he said wait I might have the missing bottom drawers in the basement. So patiently only to have him return and say no I'm sorry I don't. I didn't care I had big visions already buzzing in my head!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Monday

I can hardly believe how fast that weekend went! It was a blur for sure! I did get this cute table and chair set done which I think would be adorable in an eat in kitchen!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How do they do it?

In this big wide world of blogging it never ceases to amaze me these women who have these amazing blogs with amazing posts several times a week and have families to care for. How do they do it?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fine Dining and other ramblings

I have had a pretty good week. I finished quite a few projects. Now if I could just get my fall decorations out and decorate! I did it way to early last year and by the end of the season I was more then happy to take them down! So I'm procrastinating a bit.

I finished this table and chairs this week. I had found the table at a thrift store but it had no chairs. I had to dig around in my hoarder pile and found 4 chairs pretty similar and painted them to match.I put some french typography on table which I got from Graphic Fairy of course and a stencil design on the seats.

 Fine dining at it's best!
 Couldn't you just see this set in a cute little french village having wine,bread, and cheese!

 I transferred the design with the old graphite paper trick. Then filled it all in with a paint pen. I'm no artist! Don't even claim to be one!I'm getting a bit better at this. My first one I did was kinda harrowing but the more you do it the better you get! So don't be afraid to try it!

I also wanted to tell you all I tried the ruffler foot just played with it as it takes a bit to get acquainted with it. But once you get used to it and figure out the settings it is wonderful!! There are a lot of videos on YouTube to get you started with it. The one I bought at Hancocks had no directions with it! So I had to watch a couple of those videos to figure the contraption out! I can't wait to make something with it!!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Is there a such thing as a wood hell?

It all started innocently enough went to a pickers dream garage sale on Friday. This lady was selling all kinds of treasures at amazing prices. I think it was a divorce situation. I found a piece I just couldn't do without a sideboard very ornate and done with tiger oak. So I bought it and brought it to my shop to set out to work on it. Needed some repairs and I was debating whether to paint the body or not. After much debate with myself wondering if there is a hell for people who paint over beautiful wood or not? I know silly right?This piece was probably from the late 1800's and had seen better days and someone had butchered one of the doors at one time adding new hinges. So I assured myself it was for the best to paint and moved forward. I did refinish the top as it was in very good shape. I painted it with ASCP old white. Distresses some and then waxed the whole piece. It does look lovely but why do I feel such guilt about painting it?? I hope it sells quick cause I can't hardly handle looking at it much longer! Would love to hear if anyone else ever feels guilt for painting sometimes?

I also did a small hutch this weekend too. I definitely felt NO guilt painting this piece!
 Isn't it cute! If I thought I could squeeze it into my kitchen I would! It was a boring maple hutch with a veneer top. I used ASCP and then stained over it and polyed over it.

Here is a piece I did earlier in the week and took up to my booth to sell.

I know I'm really into the wood and paint look. It is such a nice look. I'm often amazed how nice some of the pieces turn out when they start out so ugly and neglected. I feel truly lucky to be able to do this. I had a new friend stop by this week to look at a pair of dressers I had and she looked around at my stash and said wow how awesome would this be to get to play with all this everyday! I agree even though sometimes it is work just like any other job. 
Well hopefully you all have a wonderful week! I will stop stressing out about the piece!
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Thursday, September 6, 2012

The numbers have it

I know I have this obsession with numbers lately! I know I'm not alone you see them everywhere on everything or just by themselves. I know it is a passing fad but I like it and am going to enjoy it for as long as I can!

This dresser was one me and my MIL found on the curb for trash clean up. It was large it was heavy and part of the back was coming off but we couldn't leave it!! It is old and I think hand made by someone. It doesn't have a lot of wow factor but it a sturdy piece of furniture! So it sat in my workshop for a few months I kept putting it off because it didn't excite me all that much. So a couple of days ago I got tired of seeing it get buried beneath more stuff so I dragged it out and painted it. I did a soft creamy cross between cream and soft yellow color. Then I shabbied it and stained over it then put poly over it all and added the numbers. I think it is a simple piece so I kept it simple.
I must say it makes me happy when I look at it. Something about it just sings to me. Yeah a couple of the drawers stick a bit and it doesn't have fancy or ornateness about it but I like it! I hope someone else too!

 Notice the lovely barn wood behind. Well this morning when I decided to take the pics I said this is ridiculous that I have to drag pieces outside to photograph so, I started manically nailing barn wood on the one wall and tacked the tin above it then white washed a couple of boards that didn't blend in that well! Yes all that to take a simple pic! I also justified it with the fact that this winter I won't be able to drag stuff out in the snow! I know crazy!

I went out and bought some more ASCP today and excited to try it again! I bought old white and duck egg so I'm sure you will be seeing it soon enough on pieces! Have a great evening! Traci

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Fun Table and Chairs

I just finished painting another table and chair set that has already sold! Gotta love it when that happens! It was a plain french provincial set. Funny when I say plain I mean not painted!I know painting everything isn't some peoples thing but it is mine! The chairs did have a lot of detail though and table did have some character with great curves.

Here it is mid way I was going to sand down the top and stain it but had a mishap as I sanded through the veneer top! OOPS so had to paint! Lesson learned take it easy with the sander! Here it is all done.

Added a Fleur d lis to back

Shabbied up and added a number to each chair.
I thought it was a very fun kinda whimisical look!

On another note I got a ruffler foot for my sewing machine this weekend! I'm very excited to use it for all kinds of projects! Wonder how Mr. SN would feel about ruffled T-shirts? Jk honey! Well here's to hoping a productive week!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

My Nest

Well it has been a slow process but, it is coming together! We move some stuff upstairs to our new room. We live in an OLD house it was built in 1895 so it has all the quirkiness of an old house. The stairs are narrow,steep and enclosed. This makes taking anything larger then a clothes basket hard! When hubby said the new windows were in I jumped at that opportunity to move furniture. I mean when else would we have another chance to have the windows out to put furniture through? Which of course I have a large bulky bedroom set!
Windows out!

He agreed and called my oldest son to please come down and help with this adventure! I then proceeded to do my happy dance which may involve clapping and jumping!
I must admit I was a bit nervous about them doing this because I know how heavy that furniture was and to drag it up a ladder seemed a bit precarious!

They started with the dresser

Look at them go!

Next was box spring

Last was mattress!

I think my son had had enough fun at this point! I just asked them to smile geesh! I must add they did this last night after working a full days work! I'm so lucky to have such hard working men in my life!

I wanted to show you the stencil I added around the border of my painted floors.

Here is the blurry pic I snapped last night after I got bed made so we could collapse in it!

A little better this morning. I still have to hang pics and find a small chair or bench for end of bed. All in good time right?