Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kitchen Changes

Well I have some progress to share at the old home front. I think in the past three weeks I have had a paintbrush in my hand everyday at some point and time during the day!

I'm about to show you the progress of my kitchen I have cleaned,cleaned,cleaned,painted,and purchased new appliances. I would like to replace the counter top and flooring soon.(did I mention I cleaned?)

Okay here is the first of the pics, This kitchen was remodeled in 1990 it was a perfectly fine kitchen but too dark for me! I love light and bright!

Love those brass light fixtures! Still need to replace those!

At least they updated the dishwasher and stove a couple of months before we bought it.

Not the fridge though!

Ok so now you have seen the kitchen before now to the after!

Ok to those of you who love oak might want to turn away now. I painted the oak cabinets Gasp! I know but I love it! Even hubby was leery of me painting them LOVES them. I adore my new fridge! It is so shiny and pretty. I have to confess never was a big stainless steel fan but since we had two new appliances in it figured we would continue in it. It has grown on me. Hate the fingerprints though! I find myself obsessing over them! I guess the newness will wear off and I will put down the stainless cleaner! I replaced the handles on cabinets with stainless steel handles even go figure.

The paint I was a little worried about because it was so bright at first but I love it now and so does everyone that sees it. It is called dipped in honey by dutch boy. I have used about every paint brand out there and I really liked this brand the duraclean line. It covered in one coat and you gotta love that!

Well that is the new and improved kitchen so far. Isn't it amazing what paint can do? Traci

Friday, September 2, 2011

Our new home

Well most of the boxes are in and I have been cleaning like a mad woman! We bought a house built in 1895. There is a lot of work to be done! A lot of the character has been sadly remuddled! Oh but we have plans and big ideas. That being said will see how far we get with our shoestring budget! One room is actually decent that is the living room I only had to paint the fireplace and the walls so I will show you those pics willingly!

I just bought that white buffet  (may have over paid for it but shh don't tell hubby!)and love it! Just need to convince hubby to get a flat screen!
This is the fireplace
I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday and got the lanterns and flameless candles with a remote for half price! Love them!
Well you have seen it hope you enjoyed it. I still have a few things to hang and bring in. All in good time! Have a wonderful Labor day weekend! Traci