Thursday, October 20, 2011

Letting Go

Well to be honest I haven't really had any motivation the last few weeks to blog or create stuff to sell. I was busy working on the house which is slowly but surely coming along.

I got through my mom's memorial this last weekend and am so ready to move forward. I have realized I was really lucky to have had such a caring mom. My brothers came up and my dad from Texas to do the memorial in her hometown. It was good to get  a chance to say a proper good bye. I 'am so happy knowing she is at peace and not suffering. I can honestly say I'm letting go of the grief and just remembering the good times and memories I had with her! After my family left I found a note they had left me in an upstairs bedroom.
 It reads as follows:   Traci, you are a great and wonderful sister,homemaker,daughter,wife,mom, and person of quality. We love you! Will miss you tons. Keep that great positive loving influence going on in your family. Your fun- I already see you glowing in them. Love, bros

P.S. Your new hubby is GREAT tell him we will miss him big time too!

My dad wrote at the bottom;   Thanks, kiddo I love you so much. You are the homemaker for all of us now. I see so much of mom in you! I know you will do her proud! I will keep in touch. DAD 

 Now let me tell you I bawled like a baby when I found that! They have always been sweet but they are extra sweet lately. I just wanted to share that with you it made my day! So with all that behind me I know all she wanted was for us to be happy,productive people. So this week I feel like I'm getting back to my life again. I started working out . Let me tell you that is long overdue! I hurt in places I didn't know I could! When I get totally fit and fabulous I will show you some pics! I also started creating for resale again. I worked on a few things today.


I'm excited to see how these go over to sale. I bought a new camera this week too and trying to figure it out so bear with me on the pics!


Well hope you all have a wonderful week!

OOPS almost forgot wanted to show you all what I did with my stairs! Whatcha think?