Monday, June 13, 2011

New finds in the shop

Well it has been a busy week! I got a lot of the finds into the shop.The wicker chair got the makeover.

I made the sign above the fireplace live,laugh, and love.

Got the red dresser into the shop and love how it looks. It is already sold though.

I'am throwing around the idea of opening an etsy store. I have a couple ideas for small items to sell on there what do you all think?
Mr.Shabby Nest and I took a bike trip over to Galena IL. One of my favorite places to visit! Although not sure I would ride that far again paying for it still today! Getting old sucks! LOL Traci


  1. I love the wicker chair.

  2. The shop is looking good!!!
    I don't have any experience with
    Etsy but I think those that have
    shops enjoy them. Good Luck!
    Bike ride looks like fun. :)


  3. Everything looks so wonderful. It sounds as though your store is a great success!

  4. You should def open an Etsy shop for people like me! Love that red dresser....=) Xoxoxo

  5. Traci the pillows with the turquoise flowers are the cutest! Everything looks so beautiful.

  6. Just coming by to check on you and I hope all is well, I'm sure your crazy busy with the shop =) Have a great weekend! Xoxoxo