Monday, April 25, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

So tomorrow I leave to go see my mom. She lives in San Antonio TX which is a long way from the cornfields of Iowa! If you have been following my blog you know she was diagnosed with brain cancer about 7 weeks ago. She is now doing radiation and chemo. She seems to be doing really well staying positive. She is starting to have a bad day here and there nausea and feeling wiped out. My brothers say she seems irritated a little more then normal but I suppose with all she is going through I would probably be a raging lunatic. So overall she seems to be handling it all in stride. I really am excited to see her, to laugh hysterically together over the stupidest things we tend to get giddy together,to maybe do some shopping and probably do some crying too. I will take lots of pics to share when I get back in a week. I'm going with no expectations except to enjoy my time with my family! So stay posted to hear about my travels. Everyone have a wonderful week! Traci

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Curb Shopping

Today was a close by towns city wide clean up. So what's a gal to do but con hubby into coming along to drive the truck! I managed to find a few treasures. One small side table,an end of a vintage crib,an extra large rotted out chair which I think could be lovely in a garden,two old vintage suitcases in perfect condition and the hangers that go with it still intact, and one small stepladder. Of course hubby refused to get out of truck! Guess he was to embarassed! I know if I would of found something heavy he would of helped maybe.
So all in all a pretty fruitful day! 

I wanted to show you all some Easter tags I made to sell.

Also the cabinet all in place at the shop ready to sell!

Here is another collage I made I'm getting a little collage crazy I know! They are just so fun to be creative!

A couple more photos of my son and his adorable girlfriend all dressed up for prom and one with me.

I teased them that they looked like Ken and Barbie

Yes he is tall he is 6'4!


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another week down

 Well time seems to be flying by! Well here is the latest CL find for?... ... are you ready? $20.00!! I know! The door was off but they still had it so Mr. SN put it back on for me and I went to work painting. I decided to go really shabby on it. Pulled the ugly gold felt out and put a black and white gingham inside.Not sure about the finished product. So be real tell me what u think! I can take it! Have a great one! Traci  

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring is really here!

I truly believe spring is here! The grass is turning green and I have seen a few bulbs spring up. I have also seen people wearing shorts and other things they probably shouldn't be wearing.
Okay so maybe that was wrong

Anyway I have been going like crazy with the shop. I have been doing more shopping,dumpster diving,sanding,and painting then I ever imagined! It is good though keeps me out of trouble! Here is a recent piece I scored off craigslist for $50.00. It is a very large buffet. Sorry I forgot to take a before pic. It was dark and scary! Here is the beauty now! Hopefully it will sell fast because I'm sure you remember me saying the shop is small so space is limited. 

So hope you all are enjoying spring wherever you are! Traci