Sunday, March 13, 2011

Drawing a blank

I want to be a better blogger I really do. Wish I was one of those incredibly talented person who seems to write wonderful posts without even trying. Words and exciting ideas seem to just burst out of every pore of their body. I just have had a lot going on lately in my life so I'm drawing a blank for a wonderful exciting post. Sorry! I'm just going day by day. My emotions have been all over the board it seems lately with my mom and what she is dealing with, my business, my own health trying to not let myself get to worn down or I won't be any good with my fibromialgia.
I have to say my mom is so amazing to be dealing with all she is and staying so strong and brave I'm afraid I would be wallowing in self pity and poor me syndrome. Not her though she is envisioning herself to overcome this and is accepting nothing less. Which all are believing with her!
My store has been doing really great for the first two weeks! The collages I did sold right away and I have a special order one. So I can't help but be excited about that!
I know I will eventually get into this new groove my life is taking and be able to provide some better posts. For know hope you all will hang in there with me. I know Some have asked for more pics from my shop and I will sometime this week get on that! So hope you all have a great week! Traci


  1. You're doing great Traci! And so brave to venture out and start a shop!

  2. Don't even worry about it! You're doing wonderfully.

  3. I love all of your posts, your honest emotions come through in your writing and it's beautiful. Prayers are with you and your family.

  4. ur blog is for U!!!! do not try to make it about anything or anyone else...puttn things in words..helps us to deal with things....put things in perspective. I love to visit....u keep it real!

  5. Sometimes we all have this issue and that's ok.
    I am a little behind with your posts so i'm trying to catch up.
    Thoughts and prayers for your Mom-hope you get to feeling better soon.
    Your shop is adorable. Hope all goes well with this venture.

    Will keep you and your Mom in my prayers. Goos Luck.


  6. You keep doing what you're doing, Traci!
    Have a happy Tuesday. Love your header xxx

  7. Enjoy your shop and the new experience...Do what you have to do but please don't worry...You're doing great! We will be here :-)

    Hugs and Kisses,

  8. You shouldn't worry about that!!!
    I feel like that sometimes too.
    Thanks for your visit and have a good day!!

  9. I have loved your blog since...well your other blog! Its personal and real.I only blog what I want to share and what I feel.You do the same. And I will be by to encourage and be encouraged.I will say a prayer for your Mom and you stay up you have so much to be excited about .Lovin the look of your store.

  10. oh, i totally know what you mean about being a good blogger. some women seem to have it all together! wish i were one of them!!