Monday, February 28, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day!!!

Tomorrow is the big day! My long time dream will come true, my shop will be opening. I have to pinch myself! I feel good though after a crazy weekend of moving everything in, pricing, and setting it all up. I think it turned out great! It is a very small shop but perfect for just starting out. I will take pics tomorrow and post them promise! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's my Birthday,It's My Birthday

 Today is my Birthday. I used to love my birthdays. Would declare February my holiday month. Although ever since reaching oh, about 30 it just isn't as fun! I feel happy today though I have come a long way since my last Birthday. I feel another year wiser. I guess being in my forty's is as the old cliche goes you realize who you are and who your not! What is realistic and what is not!  So to all you young spring chicks out there your forty's are pretty amazing you finally know who you are and what people say doesn't affect you like it used to. You just get a little tougher and say to hell with those that used to drive you crazy. You say well you either like me or you don't! So I plan to have a nice relaxing day. Taking a little break for myself as I have been kinda overdoing it lately. So you all have a great day too! Traci

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I have been busy!

I have been SO busy this week! Getting kinda nervous about  this whole store thing. Little voices popping into my head asking, "what are you doing?" "Can you pull this off?" "Your life was so simple before."
I'm trying to ignore them and push forward.
 Made another chalkboard with an old frame.

Got this desk at GW for $19.00 took it home and painted it black. It's not old but sure is cute!

This is Sam burton riding in the desk on the way home.

I made these letters for the front window until I decide what I do want for a sign.
I made these cute signs out of old wood of various projects Mr.SN worked on.

I made this rose just for fun after seeing a tutorial on My shabby Streamside studio.
So as you can see I have been working my tail off! Tomorrow I have to go paint the shop itself. The previous tenant painted it black and silver! So gotta go!  He was a tortured, struggling artist type had some really strange art that was a bit scary for small town Iowa. I will post pics as soon as I get stuff moved in and arranged! Have a great rest of the week. Traci

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek of what We have busily building.We made  the frames then added the paint and embellishments.
This is an old frame turned into a chalkboard.

This is a shelf with beadboard in the back and painted shabby chic.

This is the top of a bench we built and embellished.

One of the other frames I think this is ny favorite!

Another shelf you can hang on the wall and put kids books or whatever your fancy. It got painted greenn like the frame above and shabbied out. So I'm excited to get some feedback like or not? Thanks Traci

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope your hearts are filled with love and Happiness!
Give your sweet some love too!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A store for me!

Well I have some exciting news! It all kinda just fell into place, I will be opening a store within the next three weeks! It will be called "Shabby Nest" I will sell antiques,Shabby decor and some built pieces by Mr.SN, my son and me!

Here is the building it will be ran out of . Not super huge but a great place to get a start!

We were working on some items today building furiously! I'm very pleased with how it is all going. Tomorrow I have to go paint a lot of it. I bought a sprayer so that should make it go faster! I sure do hope. Right now I'm sitting in my jammies typing this absolutely exhausted! I promise to keep you up to date and post pics of some of the things when all done! Right now I'm going to see how I can get out of cooking dinner. Traci

Friday, February 4, 2011

Love that lasts

A love that lasts is that even happening these days? Well the hopeless romantic in me would love to think so. So I thought today I would show you two couples close to my heart that have built a love that lasts the test of time.

The first couple is my Grandma and Grandpa. Aren't they so cute in this picture? This was on their wedding day.They met when they were both living in a boarding house. Grandma was warned by the lady who owned the boarding house to watch out for him he liked to party. Well Grandma obviously didn't listen to her and took a chance for love. Well gpa and her fell in love. They got married on  March 4,1944 and forged forward to build a life together. Grandpa went about the task of finding them a home. Grandma had only one requirement which was she didn't want to live in what was then called dog town. This was an area of town that was called that because there were a lot of stray dogs roaming that area of town and not as desirable as other areas. Well where do you think gpa found their home? You guessed it in dog town! He found what had been a military cottage and they paid something ridiculous for it like$500.00. It had a living room,a kitchen and a bedroom.They eventually added on and added two more bedrooms and a kitchen,bath, and gpa and his brothers dug out a basement by hand crawling under the house bringing out dirt one coffee can at a time! Wow can't imagine how long that took! They had three children together and both worked hard and built a wonderful life together. They loved to travel and had an Airstream trailer and traveled all over the USA! They are now 89 years old and 96 years old and live on their own and still have an amazing love for one another. I know they had their share of ups and downs but they stuck it out and did it together.
Gma age 86

Gpa age 96

The other couple is my parents. They originally met when they were children because my gma's parents lived in the same small town my dad grew up in and so when my mom went to visit her grandparents she would see my dad. Then they met up again as teens. They married on April,22 1972. They really amaze me as a couple because they go through trials and tribulations and still manage to pull through together unified and stronger than before. They truly love each other and are each others best friend. They love to play together and do things as a couple whether it's hopping on the motorcycle for a ride or going to mom's favorite stores. They are just a fun couple which makes me sad I don't live closer to get to hang with them like my brothers get to.

Mom and dad young and in love!

mom and dad today

 Now there is me and Mr.SN we are new  and young in our relationship. I can only hope that we can persevere and have a long and happy marriage like my parents and grandparents. I guess I consider myself very lucky to have found love twice in my life. Many people aren't lucky enough to find it once in their lifetime.So as Valentine's day approaches remember the one you love. So I would love to know who inspires you in their relationship? 
ok, any reason to see my wedding Flowers again