Monday, January 17, 2011


Wow time sure is flying! I can't believe January is already half over. I have been working on a few small projects. Mr.SN Hung my new light fixture I got. I will post pics after I get the shades put on it.I plan on starting to paint a small night stand I have had for a long time but came up with a variety of excuses for not painting it. The time has come though no more procrastinating. Besides I can't stand the little bitty night stand I have now it is more a plant stand but worked in a pinch. I just can't put a book,  my reading glasses, and the lamp all at the same time. So you can see my need for a bigger one!
On a different note this weekend Mr.SN and I decided to go downtown to the big city and do some antiquing. I know it isn't his favorite thing to do but he is a trooper and comes with me because he knows I love it! So we went to my favorite store which I hadn't realized had moved to just around the corner from the original store we were headed to. It is called Porch light and has been featured in several magazines. It has very cute vintage and antique items always cute and colorful as vintage music plays in the background. Has a great vibe to it! Although I must admit it is pretty expensive but oh so fun to look and get ideas from!
We finally ended up at the original store we were headed to called Found Things and for the life of me can't figure out why I didn"t take my camera! Still getting into the groove of blogging. 
I must confess this is a store I did frequent with the ex because he did enjoy antiquing too. I must state this because for some reason I had this weird feeling we might run into him. I tried to push it aside and enjoy the treasures of the store. It has two stories and we had just finished in the basement and headed upstairs towards the door when all of a sudden I see a familiar face it took me a minute to register that was my ex's new wife. Now when I say new wife I mean brand spankin new as they had just married the night before!  I froze for a sec and then before I knew I was doing I'm shoving Mr.SN faster toward the door whispering "GO,GO,GO!" Desperately trying to disappear and poor Mr.SN has no idea what I'm doing so as he gets to the door he turns and says "What is going on?"  Well by that time I realize my ex and his wife are staring at us in amusement as I'm sure they saw and heard me the whole time. Then Mr.SN see's them too and he just grins. So I turn and put on a big grin and shout out Congratulations then shoved Mr. SN out the door.Mr. SN jokes we should of invited them to lunch! Oh. yeah I respond! My kids told me later she told them I was desperately trying to run and she found it hilarious! HAHA! I can't explain my reaction I just felt embarrassed! Oh well I guess I will have to get used to seeing them together as I have kids with this man and will have to see him and her many times to come! Traci


  1. Hahahaha you are so funny! I saw one of my ex's a couple yrs ago, I just had baby #3, I had no make-up on, my hair was on one side and had a sweatsuit on (btw, I absolutely adored this guy) He walked up to me and said, "so, this is what kids do to you?" and walked off laughing, I couldn't even speak, I was horrified. Have a great rest of your weekend sweets!!! Xoxoxo
    (after it registered what he had said to me, I wanted to punch him the face) hehehe

  2. Hee, hee! You poor thing! :)

  3. Oh my goodness glory, I can't even imagine sweetie!

    God bless ya and have a marvelous day void of encounters with your Ex!!! :o)