Monday, January 24, 2011

Seeing Red

I was at Target the other day and saw these red curtains on clearance for $15.00 for two panels. I put them in the cart walked around then got scared of how red they were and put them back. Well, two days later couldn't stop thinking about them and of course went back hoping no one had snatched them up. They were still there which maybe means they are not every one's choice but I bought them. I don't know how I started liking red I used to be the pastel and soft colors queen! I guess our tastes do change.

 So here they are. I'm not sure so I want opinions. Are they too much? Be honest I can take it! I hope!

I know I can't believe the sun shining in! It feels wonderful!
I would also love some opinions on the letters above that say home. I want to paint hem a color so they pop more any suggestions? They just seem to blend into the wall as they are.

As you can see I do have a lot of pops of red here and there.

Here is some fabric I picked up I thought I could make some throw pillows for more pops of color. Is it to wild? I even thought about adding a small panel of this fabric to the bottom of the curtains? I just fell in love with it because it had polka dots! I don't know what it is about polka dots but I love them!
Well any suggestions would be appreciated! Have a great day!


  1. I love them...they look perfect for that room, and love the fabric for your pillows!!!!
    thanks for the sweet comment!! my son calls that his signiture pose..haha

  2. I love the rose fabric,...i m still a very pastel person in my home...but not in my fashion....and red is another color I rarely wear but i do agree a lil red goes a looong way. I like the curtains but they might look cute adding that fabric as well...even if it is just a lil tie back...u could make some pillows and even cover a lil lamp shade. I m adding bits of red to my kitchen and a splash to my living room too.....ROSES..still being the KEY factor.

  3. How perfect the red curtains look in your front room! I love them and I also love the fabric you have chosen to make your throw pillows.. The red is so pretty with your white furniture.
    Have a sweet day and hugs, Elizabeth

  4. Oh Traci,
    Love, love, love red...I think you know that already! The curtains look beautiful. I always say a room needs a little pop of red or black to create an catch the eye. That's why if you want to paint the letters above your door I think they would look great in black. Too much? Maybe paint them red, first coat, and then over coat of black and destress them to show the red underneath...Fabulous! Anyway, whatever you decided I know it will look great. Love your space. Oh and the red paint color I used in my dinning room is Olympic Paint, "Burning Bush" form Lowes (B31-6). Happy Decorating.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  5. Hi, I am a fan of red...I still use it alot in my house, just last week I bought a red pillow from Walmart....I say keep them!!!

  6. I think the red curtains look fabulous! Anyway, since they were so inexpensive and I have decorating ADD, I would keep them up for awhile until something else caught my fancy. And I absolutely love the rose fabric. It has a real vintage look, and the polka dots are adorable. Have you considered painting your letters black? You might want to try can always paint over it! Happy decorating!

  7. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! I appreciate every bit of info I can get on this subject! Hugs, Patti

  8. I love them. A splash of color like that makes a room!

  9. The red looks fantastic with all the white!

  10. Trac I love the red I think its perfect the way it is.Hope you have been findin joy in this winter that seems to be goin on forever.

  11. I like...I like...I like...though red has always been one of my favourite home is adorable. oxxoxo

  12. I love them! They are just PERFECT! I love the shabby floral fab as well. Great for a pillow on the chair. I think you have fabulous taste!

  13. Hi Traci,
    You are so sweet! The white couch is from Ethan Allan and the plaid couch is from a little store in Turlock Ca, called Woods Furniture.
    Keep decorating, you are doing such a wonderful job creating the most beautiful home..
    hugs, Elizabeth

  14. I always love a cheery pop of red. Glad the curtains were still there for you. Must have been meant to be ;-)

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