Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feeling the burn

OK, like a  lot of  people I made my New Years Resolutions.
1. Be happy and fulfilled
2. Start eating healthier
3. Work out some ( I don't want to be the next Mrs. Fitness, just not have jiggly arms)
4. Try new things and not let fear get the best of me
5. Read more
6. Grow my hair out til I can"t stand it anymore
7. Paint the walls with some fun color (It is currently a very safe boring beige!)
8. Maybe start my business this year ( I have always wanted to have an adorable little  shop with antiques, painted furniture and fun finds)
9. Get closer to God
10. Make peace with my past

So I have started working out two days in a row now! That's pretty good for me. I 'am definitely feeling the burn today!

I started reading two books.

1. The Five Love Languages By Gary Chapman, it talks about everyone has a love language which is how they feel love. If we figure out ours and our spouses we can love better and fuller.             
1. Words of affirmation
2.Receiving gifts
3.Acts of service
4.Quality time
5. Physical touch
 (interesting haven't figured out my love language yet or Mr. SN either get back to you on that!) Might be a touch of all 5 for me.

2. The girls from Ames, by Jeffrey Zaslow. It is a book that chronicle's the lives of 11 girls from Ames, IA and how there friendships affected them through adolescents, adult life, the trials and tribulations they endured and they all still get together once a year. Shows how important it is for Woman to have close lasting friendships. Really enjoying so far! Plus about Iowa girls gotta love it!

So today I feel good I have made an effort to move forward. I'm excited to see what this year brings! Staying positive and content! Have a good one! Traci 


  1. I'm going to check out those books. Thanks!

  2. I love to read, so thanks for the book review!

  3. Here's to working out! {ack}

    Really, I mean it. {blech}

    And here's to trying to make everything on my body non-jiggly.

  4. Wish I was closer I would join you in that venture.Starting a new business is wonderful and scary at the same time. All the things I have had a chance to see you touch(thanks to bloggin) seems to turn out beautiful so when ever you step out I hope you will share it with us.Im rootin for you!

  5. Both books look amazing....may have to hunt them your goals for the new year...blessing for the weekend...can you believe it is the weekend already???????


  6. Hi Traci,
    Good for you. Keep up the good work. Remember what they say..."No pain, No gain" :-) Have a great day.


  7. Good Luck with all of your thoughts and plans.
    Take it one day at a time and things will take care of themselves.
    Keep that positve attitude.