Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bath reveal

Good Morning, Here is that bathroom I promised to show you all. Mr. SN is a contractor  and my oldest son works for him. This is a half bath he added for a client. This used to be an exposed back porch. They enclosed it and voila she got this.

Her home was built in around 1910 I believe. He has redone her kitchen , other bath,built a deck and replaced all the doors in the house like the one you see in the bath. I just love how she tries to keep it looking vintage and not to modern. That really bugs me when people buy old houses and go totally modern. Sorry if that offends anyone. I'm just saying if you want modern buy modern. Look at that gorgeous floor!

 My son built the frame around the mirror. He is very handy like that. I went over and helped paint it. I wasn't to sure of the colors she picked at first but once we got it up and revealed it with the wood work it looked wonderful! In case you don't know I'm known as the paint queen my kids think I have brain damage from all the years of paint fumes.
This is a cabinet she purchased to put in there. Love the shabby look of it!I don't know who is more excited to get it in there me or her! It can"t go in til after final inspection is done though. I will try to get back over to take more once she decorates and the cabinet is in.
Well it is exciting to see what other people get for transformations! Hard because as the old saying goes the shoe cobblers kids go without shoes that's how I feel about our house! He is always so busy on work that when he is home he sure don't want to work on projects around here! Maybe someday!


  1. Your husband and son shoud be very proud of their craftsmanship! I don't like it either when people buy old houses and go modern! :) I am anxious to see how the cabinet is going to look!

  2. how nice to have a husband contractor plus a handy son! the bathroom looks so the cabinet. before my daughter came along, i was a hair stylist, so i know all too well about not wanting to do your job after hours for family and friends ;)

  3. Wow what a great looking bathroom! Your guys are really talented!

  4. Oh my gosh! My sister-in-law says the very same thing! My brother is a contractor and nothing ever gets done at their house. She would give anything just to have him clean the garage at this point.

    Love the bathroom. I too, like an old fashioned look in an old house. It just suits it perfectly.

  5. That bath looks fantastic!

    You'll get so good at all your DIYs that you will do your bathroom yourself. My prediction. :)

  6. What a cute little bathroom, can't wait to see the final and finished product, decorations and all! :)

  7. That's a beautiful bathroom!
    Have a happy Thursday xxx

  8. thanks for dropping by! get way more snow in Iowa than we do here in Vancouver!...and yours is pretty!
    Very nice bathroom! fun to have!...

  9. Lovely bathroom and oh gosh I love the cabinet....

  10. KIM 'N' GILMonday, February 07, 2011

    The bathroom looks wonderful. I love the floors and the mirror great idea! Try to post some more pictures when it is decorated and that old looking cabinet that will have a transformation I'm sure is completed!