Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bath reveal

Good Morning, Here is that bathroom I promised to show you all. Mr. SN is a contractor  and my oldest son works for him. This is a half bath he added for a client. This used to be an exposed back porch. They enclosed it and voila she got this.

Her home was built in around 1910 I believe. He has redone her kitchen , other bath,built a deck and replaced all the doors in the house like the one you see in the bath. I just love how she tries to keep it looking vintage and not to modern. That really bugs me when people buy old houses and go totally modern. Sorry if that offends anyone. I'm just saying if you want modern buy modern. Look at that gorgeous floor!

 My son built the frame around the mirror. He is very handy like that. I went over and helped paint it. I wasn't to sure of the colors she picked at first but once we got it up and revealed it with the wood work it looked wonderful! In case you don't know I'm known as the paint queen my kids think I have brain damage from all the years of paint fumes.
This is a cabinet she purchased to put in there. Love the shabby look of it!I don't know who is more excited to get it in there me or her! It can"t go in til after final inspection is done though. I will try to get back over to take more once she decorates and the cabinet is in.
Well it is exciting to see what other people get for transformations! Hard because as the old saying goes the shoe cobblers kids go without shoes that's how I feel about our house! He is always so busy on work that when he is home he sure don't want to work on projects around here! Maybe someday!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


I woke up this morning thinking about cupcakes! Might have to make some this weekend. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend whatever you are doing! I plan on getting crafty I bought some stencils and have some salvaged wood and plan on making some signs.
I stopped by my youngest sons work yesterday since apparently the road doesn't lead from his house to mine. He is just so darn cute! I guess he bought his girlfriend a special present for Valentines day or he might save it for their trip to Cabo in March he hasn't decided. I can't say though in case she reads this but she is a lucky girl! Love is in the air for him!
I went also yesterday with MR.SN to see a bathroom addition he did in an old house for a lady he has done a lot of work for. It turned out beautiful! I took pics and will post soon. Traci 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


 First of all I would like to say thank God it isn't the old days and my family would have to depend on me to sew them clothes because they would all be going naked! I can sew it just isn't my favorite thing to do. I think I'm too impatient. 
I'am so glad to have two pillows done! I added the gingham ruffle which is red which according to my son who says it's pink. It isn't though! 

I simply made them to slipcover over some pillows I had. Made a flap opening in back. Which was the reason in this photo to show you that, but you really can't tell as well as I'd hoped. This also makes them handy to wash. Considering my little snowball dog loves to lounge around on them! Traci

Mr.Sam Burton

Monday, January 24, 2011

Seeing Red

I was at Target the other day and saw these red curtains on clearance for $15.00 for two panels. I put them in the cart walked around then got scared of how red they were and put them back. Well, two days later couldn't stop thinking about them and of course went back hoping no one had snatched them up. They were still there which maybe means they are not every one's choice but I bought them. I don't know how I started liking red I used to be the pastel and soft colors queen! I guess our tastes do change.

 So here they are. I'm not sure so I want opinions. Are they too much? Be honest I can take it! I hope!

I know I can't believe the sun shining in! It feels wonderful!
I would also love some opinions on the letters above that say home. I want to paint hem a color so they pop more any suggestions? They just seem to blend into the wall as they are.

As you can see I do have a lot of pops of red here and there.

Here is some fabric I picked up I thought I could make some throw pillows for more pops of color. Is it to wild? I even thought about adding a small panel of this fabric to the bottom of the curtains? I just fell in love with it because it had polka dots! I don't know what it is about polka dots but I love them!
Well any suggestions would be appreciated! Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

WInter Greys

This is how my world looks. Very grey!

Snow Dusted on everything.

Wondering if we will ever see the sun again.
Here is the light Mr.SN put up for me. I got it at Lowe's. It was originally$159.00 I got it on clearance for $39.00! I just loved the white glass.

These cute little shades I made from a green polka dot fabric I had.

This cute little cabinet I got at my shop I work at. I ogled it for a couple weeks then decided it needed to come home with me! Still working on what to display on it.

Starting to get my Valentines stuff out. Love this little wreath! With all my pretties it helps chase away the grey skies. Hope you all are having a great week. Traci

Monday, January 17, 2011


Wow time sure is flying! I can't believe January is already half over. I have been working on a few small projects. Mr.SN Hung my new light fixture I got. I will post pics after I get the shades put on it.I plan on starting to paint a small night stand I have had for a long time but came up with a variety of excuses for not painting it. The time has come though no more procrastinating. Besides I can't stand the little bitty night stand I have now it is more a plant stand but worked in a pinch. I just can't put a book,  my reading glasses, and the lamp all at the same time. So you can see my need for a bigger one!
On a different note this weekend Mr.SN and I decided to go downtown to the big city and do some antiquing. I know it isn't his favorite thing to do but he is a trooper and comes with me because he knows I love it! So we went to my favorite store which I hadn't realized had moved to just around the corner from the original store we were headed to. It is called Porch light and has been featured in several magazines. It has very cute vintage and antique items always cute and colorful as vintage music plays in the background. Has a great vibe to it! Although I must admit it is pretty expensive but oh so fun to look and get ideas from!
We finally ended up at the original store we were headed to called Found Things and for the life of me can't figure out why I didn"t take my camera! Still getting into the groove of blogging. 
I must confess this is a store I did frequent with the ex because he did enjoy antiquing too. I must state this because for some reason I had this weird feeling we might run into him. I tried to push it aside and enjoy the treasures of the store. It has two stories and we had just finished in the basement and headed upstairs towards the door when all of a sudden I see a familiar face it took me a minute to register that was my ex's new wife. Now when I say new wife I mean brand spankin new as they had just married the night before!  I froze for a sec and then before I knew I was doing I'm shoving Mr.SN faster toward the door whispering "GO,GO,GO!" Desperately trying to disappear and poor Mr.SN has no idea what I'm doing so as he gets to the door he turns and says "What is going on?"  Well by that time I realize my ex and his wife are staring at us in amusement as I'm sure they saw and heard me the whole time. Then Mr.SN see's them too and he just grins. So I turn and put on a big grin and shout out Congratulations then shoved Mr. SN out the door.Mr. SN jokes we should of invited them to lunch! Oh. yeah I respond! My kids told me later she told them I was desperately trying to run and she found it hilarious! HAHA! I can't explain my reaction I just felt embarrassed! Oh well I guess I will have to get used to seeing them together as I have kids with this man and will have to see him and her many times to come! Traci

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Feeling the burn

OK, like a  lot of  people I made my New Years Resolutions.
1. Be happy and fulfilled
2. Start eating healthier
3. Work out some ( I don't want to be the next Mrs. Fitness, just not have jiggly arms)
4. Try new things and not let fear get the best of me
5. Read more
6. Grow my hair out til I can"t stand it anymore
7. Paint the walls with some fun color (It is currently a very safe boring beige!)
8. Maybe start my business this year ( I have always wanted to have an adorable little  shop with antiques, painted furniture and fun finds)
9. Get closer to God
10. Make peace with my past

So I have started working out two days in a row now! That's pretty good for me. I 'am definitely feeling the burn today!

I started reading two books.

1. The Five Love Languages By Gary Chapman, it talks about everyone has a love language which is how they feel love. If we figure out ours and our spouses we can love better and fuller.             
1. Words of affirmation
2.Receiving gifts
3.Acts of service
4.Quality time
5. Physical touch
 (interesting haven't figured out my love language yet or Mr. SN either get back to you on that!) Might be a touch of all 5 for me.

2. The girls from Ames, by Jeffrey Zaslow. It is a book that chronicle's the lives of 11 girls from Ames, IA and how there friendships affected them through adolescents, adult life, the trials and tribulations they endured and they all still get together once a year. Shows how important it is for Woman to have close lasting friendships. Really enjoying so far! Plus about Iowa girls gotta love it!

So today I feel good I have made an effort to move forward. I'm excited to see what this year brings! Staying positive and content! Have a good one! Traci 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Warning this is not a fluff piece

A new year always scares me and excites me at the same time. A chance to do all the things I always wanted but never did. Start fresh be the person I think I'm deep down. I must confess I have been on an emotional roller coaster the last 17 months. I ended a 21 year marriage,started a new life all alone for the first time ever on my own, met someone which I never expected to do so soon, got remarried and started a new life again! Oh the psychologists would have a field day with me!I guess I should cut myself some slack for feeling a little scared for what this year will bring. 
I'm being brutally honest here being remarried again is hard. There is so much baggage from previous lives,kids,and just the getting settled in thing. Everyone thought I was crazy for leaving my long term marriage. Sure from the outside everything looked good but there is more then meets the eye. I'm not writing this to bash anyone because I still talk to my ex he was their when we grew up together, knows a lot of my secrets,fears, and really does give great advice. Which Mr.SN and my ex's new love interest don't always understand.Which I must say I'm not sure I would be so understanding if this were reversed. 
I guess with the holidays gone now and a lot of the pressure off from that I'm just sitting back and taking it all in. I really do look forward to see what new things we will experience together,how we will grow, and I know there will be ups and downs.No life is perfect or no person for that matter.
So as I sit here writing this hoping I haven't scared anyone away it just feels good to put it all out there and realize I maybe struggling right now to get it all together but at least I have here to lay it all out and get feedback. I feel with all of you are a wealth of knowledge and support. I know we really don't know each other and only get a small glimpse into each others  lives but it feels great to have this outlet.  
So thank you for taking the time to read  my posts and leaving the thoughtful comments it truly makes my day!  Traci