Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to tell all you dear frinds in blogland Merry Christmas! Hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends! Happy New Years too! Traci

Friday, December 9, 2011

Deck the Halls

I was definitely procrastinating here on decking our halls for Christmas. One day this week I woke up with a burst of energy and feeling the spirit I got to work. So I thought I would share a few pics.

All decked out! Traci

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Faux Granite counters??

 Okay, so I have been hearing a lot about this new product you can magically paint and transform your ugly counters into beautiful granite.
The product I chose was called Gianti which I purchased at Walmart. I picked the color Sicilian Sand.
 Well since I loathed my ugly grey blue counters, I figured I would give it a try.

SO Ninety's!

The first step is to tape off everything!
I mean everything even if you think you are a great and careful painter.
Tape like you never have before that paint has a way of getting on things you could of swore you were nowhere near!


The  directions say to let primer dry 8 hours.... Well lets just say I grow impatient easily it was more like 4 hours.

 Then you begin layering in the paint with the sea sponges and three different colors.
 They are easily marked so you know which one to start with. Let me just say this is not for the faint of heart!
You have to be committed to finish. It is slow,tedious work. I didn't take any pics midway was I so frustrated!
After 3 hours of the afternoon gone I was NOT thrilled with the results.

To much of the black primer showed through for my liking and there were a few bald spots.
Hubby came home pretended to like it but I knew he hated it too.

 So I gave up for the night,drank a few glasses of wine and retired early.
The next morning I was determined to not let this dang thing beat me down! So off to wally world I went and purchased another kit.

 The same color but this time I purchased some more paint samples the little ones by Glidden in a cream, off white and a brown.
So when I got home I went to work so having six different colors went about it again.

 It came out so much better I love it! You have to add two topcoats and it turns it really shiny!
 Hubby even loves it now. Funny how he won't tell me he hates something until after I change it.

Here is a close up.
The draw back is it is a lot of work but it is a very economical alternative. That is if you master after the first two kits you buy and not have to get the third one! I will let you know how they hold up to wear and tear. I can't put anything on them for three days... Probably will be more like one and a half in my impatient world!  Traci

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Letting Go

Well to be honest I haven't really had any motivation the last few weeks to blog or create stuff to sell. I was busy working on the house which is slowly but surely coming along.

I got through my mom's memorial this last weekend and am so ready to move forward. I have realized I was really lucky to have had such a caring mom. My brothers came up and my dad from Texas to do the memorial in her hometown. It was good to get  a chance to say a proper good bye. I 'am so happy knowing she is at peace and not suffering. I can honestly say I'm letting go of the grief and just remembering the good times and memories I had with her! After my family left I found a note they had left me in an upstairs bedroom.
 It reads as follows:   Traci, you are a great and wonderful sister,homemaker,daughter,wife,mom, and person of quality. We love you! Will miss you tons. Keep that great positive loving influence going on in your family. Your fun- I already see you glowing in them. Love, bros

P.S. Your new hubby is GREAT tell him we will miss him big time too!

My dad wrote at the bottom;   Thanks, kiddo I love you so much. You are the homemaker for all of us now. I see so much of mom in you! I know you will do her proud! I will keep in touch. DAD 

 Now let me tell you I bawled like a baby when I found that! They have always been sweet but they are extra sweet lately. I just wanted to share that with you it made my day! So with all that behind me I know all she wanted was for us to be happy,productive people. So this week I feel like I'm getting back to my life again. I started working out . Let me tell you that is long overdue! I hurt in places I didn't know I could! When I get totally fit and fabulous I will show you some pics! I also started creating for resale again. I worked on a few things today.


I'm excited to see how these go over to sale. I bought a new camera this week too and trying to figure it out so bear with me on the pics!


Well hope you all have a wonderful week!

OOPS almost forgot wanted to show you all what I did with my stairs! Whatcha think?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Kitchen Changes

Well I have some progress to share at the old home front. I think in the past three weeks I have had a paintbrush in my hand everyday at some point and time during the day!

I'm about to show you the progress of my kitchen I have cleaned,cleaned,cleaned,painted,and purchased new appliances. I would like to replace the counter top and flooring soon.(did I mention I cleaned?)

Okay here is the first of the pics, This kitchen was remodeled in 1990 it was a perfectly fine kitchen but too dark for me! I love light and bright!

Love those brass light fixtures! Still need to replace those!

At least they updated the dishwasher and stove a couple of months before we bought it.

Not the fridge though!

Ok so now you have seen the kitchen before now to the after!

Ok to those of you who love oak might want to turn away now. I painted the oak cabinets Gasp! I know but I love it! Even hubby was leery of me painting them LOVES them. I adore my new fridge! It is so shiny and pretty. I have to confess never was a big stainless steel fan but since we had two new appliances in it figured we would continue in it. It has grown on me. Hate the fingerprints though! I find myself obsessing over them! I guess the newness will wear off and I will put down the stainless cleaner! I replaced the handles on cabinets with stainless steel handles even go figure.

The paint I was a little worried about because it was so bright at first but I love it now and so does everyone that sees it. It is called dipped in honey by dutch boy. I have used about every paint brand out there and I really liked this brand the duraclean line. It covered in one coat and you gotta love that!

Well that is the new and improved kitchen so far. Isn't it amazing what paint can do? Traci

Friday, September 2, 2011

Our new home

Well most of the boxes are in and I have been cleaning like a mad woman! We bought a house built in 1895. There is a lot of work to be done! A lot of the character has been sadly remuddled! Oh but we have plans and big ideas. That being said will see how far we get with our shoestring budget! One room is actually decent that is the living room I only had to paint the fireplace and the walls so I will show you those pics willingly!

I just bought that white buffet  (may have over paid for it but shh don't tell hubby!)and love it! Just need to convince hubby to get a flat screen!
This is the fireplace
I was at Hobby Lobby yesterday and got the lanterns and flameless candles with a remote for half price! Love them!
Well you have seen it hope you enjoyed it. I still have a few things to hang and bring in. All in good time! Have a wonderful Labor day weekend! Traci

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Memories I will never lose

mom and me in October 2010
Mom and dad with my youngest son

mom with both my boys
This morning my mom passed away... She was 59 years old,wife to my dad for 38 years, mom to me,two boys and grandma to four grand kids.
I feel numb right now. I know she is at peace and no more suffering. This still leaves a huge hole in my  heart. My mom and I may not of always seen eye to eye but she always pushed us to work hard and do better. She was always my biggest cheerleader,stood up for me,and told me how proud she was of me. She was a tough lady though you didn't mess around with her she would put you in your place! Yet she had a big heart and would do anything for you. Now I have to rely on these memories and cherish them. Her and I got really close these last five years. Had so many good and funny times together! We used to get giddy with each other and just laugh for no reason uncontrollably. We were known to talk on the phone 2 to 5 times a day. I will dearly miss that! It has been so hard these past three weeks to not pick up the phone. I found myself many times wanting to then  remembering she's not gonna answer. So like I said previously love the people in your life you just don't know how long you get them!
I love you mom!

Monday, August 22, 2011

My mom's battle

My mom last October at my wedding

My mom in May of this year
Well it has been awhile since I have posted. I have had a lot going on! My mom is not doing good we have had a hellish three weeks. She got an infection, had brain fluid leaking from her incision from her second surgery and was unconscious for almost 10 days. Dr's said she probably wouldn't wake up. I rushed down there to be by her side. On the tenth day they told my dad it was time to make a descision if she stayed on the ventilator and feeding tube she ran the risk of pneumonia, or infections. So he had them pull it all off. Well she did wake up after ten days the day after I left Texas.She was alert at first minimally then became more and more alert was trying to speak but it was hard for her. Last Friday they decided she needed to do plastic surgery to skin graft over the incision which was still leaking. She got through the surgery but for some reason they decided to pull the lumbar drain they had put in 2 weeks prior right after the surgery. This caused her to have fluid build up in her brain and she became unconscious again and another infection. My dad called me late Saturday night to tell me all this and Dr.s said she wouldn't make it through the night. Well it's now Monday and she is still struggling.She is unconscious and unresponsive,her heart rate is jumping to 140 and 150 breathing is very ragged,they think her kidneys might be shutting down, and she still has an infection. She is so tired and just wore down. Cancer is an awful disease that ravages the body and destroys it. We are all at the point we don't want to see her go through anymore pain and suffering. We have tried everything we just want her at peace. She will probably be moved to hospice tomorrow. I hate the fact I live so far away and had to come back to my life. I'm moving in a week we have bought an old house that needs lots of work, and moved my shop to an antique mall so I could have more free time to see mom thinking we had some more time then what we had. lIfe sure has a way of throwing everything at you at once! We will get through this I know it will take time but take my advice and never pass up a chance to tell someone you love what they mean to you cause you just never know! I can honestly say I feel at peace with the fact that while I was there I told her I loved her and if she needed to go I would miss her but I would be fine just want her to not suffer. I also promised her that I would do what she insisted in the last few months every time I talked to her and that was to be happy, love what I do and love the people in my life with all I have. Traci  

Monday, June 13, 2011

New finds in the shop

Well it has been a busy week! I got a lot of the finds into the shop.The wicker chair got the makeover.

I made the sign above the fireplace live,laugh, and love.

Got the red dresser into the shop and love how it looks. It is already sold though.

I'am throwing around the idea of opening an etsy store. I have a couple ideas for small items to sell on there what do you all think?
Mr.Shabby Nest and I took a bike trip over to Galena IL. One of my favorite places to visit! Although not sure I would ride that far again paying for it still today! Getting old sucks! LOL Traci

Monday, June 6, 2011

Junkers paradise!

The barn loaded with wonderful things!
This weekend I went to the Barn Bonanza! It was organized by two gals who are super creative. It was held at Deb's house in the country. It truly was paradise for junkers! She had a barn full of stuff,a junk pile in the back you could dig through and another area by another smaller barn where there were picket fences,odds and ends anything you could want! It was truly a junkers dream! There were booths set up with all kinds of goodies and the barn was open with lot of wonderful things to be bought for wholesale. My senses were on overload!
A few of the booths you could find stuff really reasonable!

I couldn't resist this wonderful buggy! I'm keeping it!

I found this little unusual piece at  a yard sale before heading to the barn!

I adored this seed box! Also keeping it!I

I snagged this red dresser and I will be selling it in the shop.
The lamp below was a yard sale find.

 Loved this hutch top now need to find a piece to put it on!

This shutter corner shelf just called to me so I grabbed it think it will fit in nice at the shop. I got the shabby white table too!

This little beauty not sure what it is but it's mine now I plan on setting on patio with candles in it.

Cute little case!

This piece I think I will try to sell as a wine cabinet it is just so different cause it opens from the front and back.

Wicker chair will be getting a little makeover.

This is in my yard hubby had the fire engine sitting in the attic and I made him drag it down.

This harvest table was at the barn sale.

I actually swooned when I saw this bench but some one had snagged it up!

Almost forgot where else but in Iowa can you go to a barn sale and there is a pig running around? He was put up though after harassing the caterer! I met so many nice people all with the same passion! I can't wait til the next one! Traci