Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Naughty or Nice

Well I was informed this morning By Mr.SN I had to come up with a Christmas list by tonight or I get no gifts. Well I don't do well with ultimatums. So I sit here pondering what can I ask for?
Let's see maybe a beautiful fur coat? Since we have so many upscale parties to go to this season! 

Maybe a gorgeous diamond bauble?

Oh, I know how about maid service for a year?

I should tell you I have coveted this Pottery Barn table for about 9 months now. To the point of visiting it every time I went to the mall (yes they became to know me quite well there). I gave up hope though as I figured it was a little pricey for our budget. Only after I purchased another table at an antique store(more within the budget) which I plan on painting soon, did dear sweet Mr. SN informed me I planned on buying that PB table as your Christmas gift! Do I believe him? I'm not sure! So I'm so stuck on what to ask for!

Any suggestions out there? All I really want is for all my family to get along, my kids to be happy, maybe if Mr.SN could pick up his pj's from the floor wouldn't be a bad thing, my youngest son to learn my phone number again, my oldest to stop smoking, my step-son to actually unload the dishwasher properly instead of just shoving dishes anywhere and you have to go on a scavenger hunt to find a measuring cup, or stop using the word Dude sooo much, and for the cat to actually use her litter box again (to her defense she is a half dead cat that 's my nick name for her as she is 18 years old and I inherited her through marriage). I don't think that is to much to ask for!   Traci


  1. Aw, I know how you feel...I just want my girls to be happy too!...that's all I want. Kids no matter what age we only want the best for them. I also want my oldest daughter to stop smoking. I hope your youngest son calls you..sometimes it takes a while for kids to come around to what ever is bothering them..
    Big hugs, Elizabeth

  2. I think I'd rather have the gifts you mentioned at the end of your post...just people acting like adults and not expecting me to pick up after them. Arggggg. I am having one of THOSE days!

    Thanks for popping over, I do appreciate it. I love your music!


  3. Ah, Mom used to wish for me and my brother to get along. Sorry, Mom. Even Santa can't put that under the tree!

    I know what you mean about scavenger hunts for kitchen items!

  4. Hahahaha you are hilarious! Merry Christmas new friend!! Xoxoxo

  5. I too like the gifts you mentioned. I really, and I mean really, don't want a thing for Christmas. I want to rest in His peace and count my blessings. I have more than I deserve. I just put up a post with a link to your blog and an answer to your question about fasting and fibromyalgia. ((hugs))

  6. We'd all like those first few gifts-me---I'll talk the maid service. PLEASE.

    Thanks for stopping by and visiting--I'd like to invite you to follow me if you would. I am YOUR new follower.

    Hope to see you soon.


  7. Could luck wishing for that!!!

    I have wished each year for almost the same things, this gift doesn't fit in the sleigh.

  8. Aaaaah! Go ahead, get the PB table. You can sell the other table on Craig's List!

    Because, let's face it, hubby is never going to pick up his PJs. :)

    Although it could happen!

  9. No way about the table! That's just WRONG!!

    Funny post. :)

  10. Oh my dear you are soooo sweet...my family always wants me to make a list and I find it a hard thing to do.

    I so want you to get that PB table..you deserve it. xoxoxo

  11. Great Post!!! I think I am getting a jig saw...My hubby is so romantic!!!

  12. I would like my girls to somehow figure out how to pick up after themselves. I would like health and happiness for all my family and friends. Peace on Earth and of course, a personal butler.