Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Years!

Well it is that time of year to pull out your little black dress and get those cute shoes out!

 Get ready to enjoy the fireworks!

Make a toast! Make a New Years resolutions list! 

Wishing you all a wonderful and lovely 
                                                               NEW YEARS!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The finished product

After a couple day of inhaling paint fumes here is the hutch. I love the way it came out! I'm just waiting for longer screws to put the last glass handle on. I switched them out from the original old brass looking ones.  

I guess I'm also thrilled to have some more of my treasures unpacked and on display! Have a super day! Traci 

Monday, December 27, 2010

new starts

Well after a wonderful holiday with my family. 

 Loved the new table all set for Christmas.

 Okay REALLY loved it!

Baked a ton of cookies! I feel happy and satisfied. I'm also so ready to move forward. I took it all down the day after. I made Mr. Shabby nest help me clean the garage due to the fact since getting married a lot of my stuff sat in boxes in the garage. I put my foot down and insisted we move my couch in and move his out and put it on CL. It was a nice couch but just not my taste. One of those super puffy reclines on each ends man couch! Mine is floral with down cushions very girly! I know when my step son gets back from visiting his mom he will not like losing his total veg out couch. I know because my own son as soon as he came over stated, "Oh I loved his couch so much more!" Oh, well being the only girl in a sea of men I have to have to have some proof I'm here!

I bought this hutch a few weeks ago off craigslist for $40.00! So I think today I will start painting it. I don't know what it is but I love painted furniture! My hubby says God forbid we should have something wood in the house. I gave it a shot tried to live with it but it's just not me unless it's painted! So I will show you the results soon. Have a wonderful day!Traci 

Thursday, December 23, 2010


 This is me ecstatic about getting my table! My son says I'm weird cause I'm the only person who gets so excited about furniture. I informed him it's a girl thing.

So here it is all set up. It is rather large but I think it fits ok in the space.                                                

   I put a crocheted table cloth I have had forever but really never had a table big enough for it now I do! I already gave the speech to the kids about how it will not be a dumping station for backpacks,gym bags, coats, books or anything other than approved kitchen wares. My oldest stepson had to argue as usual but I just stood my ground. What is it with teenagers always arguing?

This was the first photo I took on my phone to send to mom. I guess I will have to sell the other table on craigslist after I paint it! Well I'm one happy gal! Merry Christmas to all! I'm off to make sugar cookies.  Traci

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm speechless!

Oh, my here is a sneak peek at my Christmas gift! Can you guess what it is?? I will give you a hint came from a place that starts with P and ends with a word that starts with a B. (May have mentioned it in an earlier post)Will post more pics of it all set up later! That sneaky Mr. SN! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Remember the reason for the season! Hugs, Traci 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Red and White for me Please

Isn't this the cutest little cottage door?

Country living
Stockings all in a row

I have visited many blogs with gorgeous decorations in a rainbow of colors but for me red and white is my absolute favorite!

What are your favorite Christmas colors?


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Naughty or Nice

Well I was informed this morning By Mr.SN I had to come up with a Christmas list by tonight or I get no gifts. Well I don't do well with ultimatums. So I sit here pondering what can I ask for?
Let's see maybe a beautiful fur coat? Since we have so many upscale parties to go to this season! 

Maybe a gorgeous diamond bauble?

Oh, I know how about maid service for a year?

I should tell you I have coveted this Pottery Barn table for about 9 months now. To the point of visiting it every time I went to the mall (yes they became to know me quite well there). I gave up hope though as I figured it was a little pricey for our budget. Only after I purchased another table at an antique store(more within the budget) which I plan on painting soon, did dear sweet Mr. SN informed me I planned on buying that PB table as your Christmas gift! Do I believe him? I'm not sure! So I'm so stuck on what to ask for!

Any suggestions out there? All I really want is for all my family to get along, my kids to be happy, maybe if Mr.SN could pick up his pj's from the floor wouldn't be a bad thing, my youngest son to learn my phone number again, my oldest to stop smoking, my step-son to actually unload the dishwasher properly instead of just shoving dishes anywhere and you have to go on a scavenger hunt to find a measuring cup, or stop using the word Dude sooo much, and for the cat to actually use her litter box again (to her defense she is a half dead cat that 's my nick name for her as she is 18 years old and I inherited her through marriage). I don't think that is to much to ask for!   Traci

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I'm not sure what I'm feeling lately. I have the house decorated for the holiday. Maybe I just feel blue because winter is here. Never been a great fan of freezing. I'm more of a warm weather gal. I know what am I doing in Iowa? I'm not sure if it is just one thing or maybe a combination of several things going on. I think I'm beginning to see it isn't all about trying to make my home look like something out of a magazine. Decorating til I can't see straight. Don't get me wrong I do like pretties and decorating I just think I need to focus on other things and just let go of the obsessing!  

So I'm posting a few pretties and sparkle to chase away the blues.

Just find the joy of the season and the reason for the season.

 Some vintage sparkle on a lovely sweater always make me smile!

Saw a double rainbow a few days ago and made me feel like a kid again!

I love this saying it is so true!

So as the holiday approaches I plan on taking it easy this year not stressing out so much about everything being perfect and just enjoy! I hope all of  you can do the same!