Thursday, November 18, 2010

My New Stove

My dear Mr. Shabby nest surprised me last weekend, I must admit he did frighten me a little at first starting the conversation with, I bought something.

What? I asked nervously.
My mind was going wild!

 Did he buy that new truck he has mentioned a few times? Because we were about to have a knock down drag out! Did he buy his son the motorcycle he has hinted about to his dad about 2 or 3 hundred times? That would be a knock down drag out for him with his ex I'm sure!

So after a few minutes of gathering my thoughts. I tried to sound calm and cool.
Oh really what? Sweet as could be.

Well he begins since I can;t keep it from you I bought that old stove that you wanted.

Let's take a step back because I first saw this stove in his friends garage a few months ago. I drooled, oohed, and awed over it. His friend said you can have it for $75.00. I just want to get it out of my garage. Well I looked at hubby with my cutest you know I will love you forever look if we get this.
He just wasn't buying it. What will we do with it? It's gonna be really heavy to move! I would have to sandblast it and paint it. Those were all the excuses.

Even his friend tried to convince him I just couldn't live without it.
Come on didn't she mow your five acres for you every week during the summer heat. Have dinner waiting for you every night when you stepped in the door. You have bragged her up all this time doesn't she deserve it!

Okay, I was ready to hug his friend! I looked over at hubby and gave him a you know he's right look. He still said no !

I eventually got over it and had actually had kinda forgotten about it.

Then he goes and gets it to my surprise! It don't get better then that! 

So here it is!

Yes it is rough. It will need sand blasted and painted.

Just look at all the detail though! Love all the scrollishness and the legs! Now I just have to decide where it will go. Of course I will have to decide the color to. Please feel free to give suggestions.           Traci


  1. Now, that is love! Heat from a woodstove is the greatest, coziest, warmest, awesomeist, heat there is.

  2. Wow, what a gift! Wonderful piece

  3. What a sweet husband you have! I'll be anxious to see how it turns out.

  4. love it !!! Farmhouse is heated by a Vermont Casting woodstove that looks alot like yours. Mine is black, but i have seen them in that old cranberry red and even mustard yellow....

    i guess you could do just about anything...
    happy to see you at Farmhouse and am Happy to follow...

    have a great weekend, my friend
    kary and teddy

  5. Way cool stove! Can't wait to see it once it's done.

  6. It is a gift from an angel....It is a beautylicious.......I love it

  7. Love that stove....great patina! Love your blog too....I'll be back! LaurieAnna

  8. Oh I love it...what a sweet husband and a delightful stove!

    Thank you for your sweet comments you left me the other day concerning my teeth...with all the blog love I have gotten I know all will be fine....thank you sweet friend. xoxoxo

  9. Lucky you Trac! If only my heart would be as romantic(sigh) lol. Where will you put it?!

  10. That right there is what we call raw potential. Great score!

  11. its gorgeous...I even love it all rusty!!

  12. Traci that is the prettiest little stove ever! I am so glad that your sweetie decided to give in, because THAT is a treasure!!! I laughed reading about the knock-down-drag-outs you were thinking might happen. I do that all the time and it usually involves a horse, or a trailer, or a truck, or a.....LOL!!!
    Thank you for your lovely message. it made my day!!!

  13. i am now following your blog..please follow me back, thanks.

  14. Wow!Your hubby gets ten stars for this one! Amazing. I love its curves and can't wait to see it all fixed up. I have been dreaming of having one of my own for a while. Maybe someday!