Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I just wanted to wish all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all have a wonderful blessed and thankful day! I know it can get crazy and chaotic when your busy preparing for it. Not to mention sometimes the stress of a houseful of loved ones and maybe not so loved ones. Just remember to take a moment to be thankful we all have so much to be thankful for! I'am thankful for my Mr.SN,my two wonderful boys,my family,my very privileged life compared to a lot of people now a days, and of course all of you sweet people who take time out of your day to leave me a sweet comment! So enjoy your holiday whatever your plans might include! Ladies if you do black Friday shop til you drop!
Have a Great one!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Give a little love

As I sit here with hair color on my head covering up my natural highlights that come with age, I'm pondering men. Being recently remarried we just celebrated our one month of wedded bliss. Ok, maybe not perfectly blissful but definitely good. As women we are totally different creatures then men. We find different things funny, we deal with stress differently,we approach problems differently and we definitely handle our emotions differently!
I'm a Pisces and we tend to be a bit dreamy, emotional, sometimes seem detached, very sensitive and maybe a flair for the dramatic. Poor Mr. SN he is the most calm, non emotional, and even tempered person I have ever known.
So you can imagine this poor man's surprise when I have one of my emotional break downs  or get sensitive to something he may have very nonchalant he may have said. He says he's never had to deal with anyone behaving like that. (not sure if he was married to a robot previously)  So it is an adjustment on both our parts we knew this going in to this.
I have recently started reading the book The proper care and feeding of Husbands by Dr. Laura Shclesinger. Now granted I don't agree with everything she has to say but a lot of it makes sense. I think we sometimes forget that men do have emotions and feelings.
 We tend to think of them as tough and able to handle it.So many men don't become such a priority after we have kids or we get so involved in a ton of projects or work. We get weighed down by the daily grind,the kids, or feeling like they don't help enough. So then we complain and nag. You don"t help with the kids enough, you don't do enough around the house or you don't make enough money. Come on you know we have all been guilty of it. It doesn't work or help so maybe it's time to try a new approach.
 I guess men aren't really all that complicated they just want what we want love,respect and understand. They just want to know you will love them and need them. They don't want to be nagged and berated. I know sometimes I have been known to nitpick and not recognize the good things. I find it goes a lot better if you do praise your hunney for the good things too. Rather then always concentrating on the negative! Our men go out and work hard for us and our family,they do want what's best for us.
We obviously picked these men to marry because we saw something in them we loved,needed and desired to spend the rest of our lives with.
So tonight ladies when your hunney walks through the door give them a big hug and kiss and praise them for something you appreciate and see how it works.Give a little love! Would love to here from you!   

Thursday, November 18, 2010

My New Stove

My dear Mr. Shabby nest surprised me last weekend, I must admit he did frighten me a little at first starting the conversation with, I bought something.

What? I asked nervously.
My mind was going wild!

 Did he buy that new truck he has mentioned a few times? Because we were about to have a knock down drag out! Did he buy his son the motorcycle he has hinted about to his dad about 2 or 3 hundred times? That would be a knock down drag out for him with his ex I'm sure!

So after a few minutes of gathering my thoughts. I tried to sound calm and cool.
Oh really what? Sweet as could be.

Well he begins since I can;t keep it from you I bought that old stove that you wanted.

Let's take a step back because I first saw this stove in his friends garage a few months ago. I drooled, oohed, and awed over it. His friend said you can have it for $75.00. I just want to get it out of my garage. Well I looked at hubby with my cutest you know I will love you forever look if we get this.
He just wasn't buying it. What will we do with it? It's gonna be really heavy to move! I would have to sandblast it and paint it. Those were all the excuses.

Even his friend tried to convince him I just couldn't live without it.
Come on didn't she mow your five acres for you every week during the summer heat. Have dinner waiting for you every night when you stepped in the door. You have bragged her up all this time doesn't she deserve it!

Okay, I was ready to hug his friend! I looked over at hubby and gave him a you know he's right look. He still said no !

I eventually got over it and had actually had kinda forgotten about it.

Then he goes and gets it to my surprise! It don't get better then that! 

So here it is!

Yes it is rough. It will need sand blasted and painted.

Just look at all the detail though! Love all the scrollishness and the legs! Now I just have to decide where it will go. Of course I will have to decide the color to. Please feel free to give suggestions.           Traci

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh, Young Love

This is my youngest son. He is my baby and him and I seem to have or should say had a special connection. Maybe because we are a lot alike yet so different too. 

Now love is in the air.

This is Charlie with his new girl. Don"t get me wrong she is a wonderful girl everything a mom could hope for their son to find. But I miss him! I know boys grow up and become men.
This is his best friend. This was the day I dropped him off at college.

He is happy and in love. He just recently decided to drop out of college. He felt he was wasting his time not knowing what he wanted to do for sure." I just need sometime to figure it out mom" he said.So I told him fine, of course I might of said a few other things like are you @!#& crazy! Do you realize how fast life goes and if you drop out you might not get a chance to go back. I just hope he figures it out. I do realize it is so hard at that age to decide what you want to do for the rest of your life. He is a smart guy I'm sure he will figure it out soon. I think he is just having a lot of fun right now with having his first real girlfriend. They take a ton of pictures together and I must say they are a very photogenic couple!  
I guess as I sit here drinking my coffee and writing this post I just can"t believe how fast they do grow up. You have to let go and hope for the best for them and watch as they make their mistakes or as they succeed. You have to patiently sit back and know they will call you (or text)  when they need you.

Yesterday I texted him because I hadn't heard from him for awhile and asked "Will I ever hear from you again?"
He answered back " About what?"
I said, "Um about how you are?" Or What have you been up to?"
He said, "Oh how have you been?"

Geez, mommy isn"t needed anymore! I just have such a hard time letting go. I'm not the only lady in his life now. I only wish happiness for him and his brother. My mom says they do come back and will always be there when they need something. For now he has a new love and her family is very good to him so he is a very lucky guy.

I will just have to take up some more hobbies to fill the void of my boys being grown ups. Easier said then done when being mom is all I have done for the last 20 years!

I am probably going to be in a lot of trouble for posting this! Aww, whom I kidding he doesn"t have time to look at mom's blog!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Le Collage

This is the shop I work in. It is a cute shop filled with shabby,eclectic, and fun things.

I love this pink cabinet lots of peeling paint and extra large for treasures of all sorts.

It has great big windows with painted floors has a real good vibe to it.

The wire cart is a fun retro piece.

We also sell wine in the shop (only made in Iowa) and give samples.

This is the Parisian corner. I must say I used to not be into black accessories or furniture but, lately it is growing on me.

I have my eye on this Christine Repasy Painting I will probably spend my paychecks on it. I have realized I really won't make any money here she will be making it off me. Oh well at least hubby understands that.

This is the back room where we have wine and it can be rented for small get togethers.

Ok, now we are at my favorite part of this store. The outdoor patio is a hidden gem I didn't even know it existed until recently.

I just love this area it makes me want to sit out there with a glass of wine and chillax!

Maybe set out here and have a french baguette and some cheese to go with that wine of course.

I just have to figure out a way to have hubby build me one similar in our backyard. Well I hope you enjoyed the tour of my new workplace. Have a good week!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fabulous Galena Homes

Ok, Here are a few of those fabulous houses from our trip to Galena. This town is so rich is history and I literally could of photographed 100's of the beautiful houses this town boasts. But I picked a few to share with you all.

I really thought this one was adorable as it was the weekend before the fourth of July, I thought it was very patriotic!

This one I hurriedly shot from the cable car tour we were on. Thus the bars.
This little gem was a miners cabin very adorable! Not sure I could downsize that much!
 This is the side view of the Belvedere mansion and the view of the great sun room it had.
This one I just thought was so beautiful all the gingerbread,those amazing front doors I always love double doors, and that wonderful front porch! Well that concludes our house tour. 

I should be getting back some of my wedding pics any day so I will post them asap.

I also just started working in a very adorable shop with a variety of shabby and eclectic thing called La Collage. I plan on doing a feature of this store very soon. I don't think I mentioned I live in Madison county from the movie  "Bridges of Madison County". There are a lot of treasures to show from this area so I'm excited to share my new stomping grounds with you all! Have a great day!!!   

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Perfect Getaway

 This summer we had the pleasure of gong on a weekend getaway to a picturesque river town called Galena in IL. This is the B&B we stayed at it was a gorgeous old beauty! I was ready move in for good!
 This is me trying to look as if I belonged on that front porch permanently. Hubby had to pry me away so we could go to dinner.

This was our charming little attic bedroom we actually had a private bath much to my relief. My phobia of shared bathrooms would better be discussed on a different post. We had the most amazing view of the mansion next door and the river

 The gardens around the B&B were beautiful to stroll through. Sadly the weekend we picked it was the hottest day of the year with heat index warnings but we braved through the heat.

Of course inside was just as beautiful it had three stories with gorgeous sitting areas to just read or visit or have a glass of lemonade, Did I mention how unbelievably hot it was!

 This was the hallway outside our room I would of been happy sleeping in the beautiful hallway.
This was one of the three outdoor porches. Makes you just want to sit a spell doesn't it! I sometimes believe I was  a southern belle in my previous life as I have these strange drawing to anything southern, old plantations,mint juleps, and the wonderfully romantic dresses of those days. IF ONLY!

This is a view of the downtown Galenea it has these huge flood gates at either end of the downtown that can close in case of flood. That might be the one deterrent to keep me from actually moving there! It was filled with lots of shops very charming! 
This is the grand mansion that was next door it was called the Belvedere mansion. We got to take a tour of it but no pics were allowed inside. The current owner bought this property in the 70"s at a tax sale for mere dollars our tour guide told us. Lucky people! They reside on the third floor mostly. It was gorgeous unbelievably lavish and I'm so glad we got to tour it.
I can't wait to go back maybe when it is cooler. I have some fabulous photo's of some of the homes in the area I will post later.
Oh one more interesting thing the B&B had a haunted ghost tour we took after dark yes it was still blazing hot and we had to trudge up some pretty high hills but it was still a lot of fun so much history around there and it is supposed to be one of the top haunted places. We didn"t see any ghost though. Thankfully to my hubby's relief he's not into that kinda stuff.